Friday, January 2, 2009

Better Late than Never

I'm finally posting my Christmas Day pictures. We actually opened presents on Christmas Eve morning(Santa came early) and went to Colorado City and Abilene on Christmas day. Cita and Slade are in this picture. Cita was under the weather, but looks good in the pic!
Kyle and I on the 25th.

Just had to show how terrible cute Finley was in her special outfit. She had tulle and lots of ruffles! I can't wait to see Campbell wear it next year.
Brandi and I
Christmas morning breakfast. They are having cinnamon rolls-which are now a tradition at our house on Christmas morning.

No, Slade. There are no more presents left. The rest are for your cousins. You only opened EIGHT!!!!!!!! I just thought this was too funny not to post!

Santa brought a Nintendo DS and Super Mario game. Good job, Santa. Mom likes it, too.

Mickey Mouse was the craze this Christmas. We now have a tray, pajamas, dishes, the Clubhouse, racetrack, and stuffed doll. Mouse overkill? Maybe.

Play dough was a hit. I have dried balls of it everywhere just to prove it, but who can say no to that face!!!
We had our annual cookie decorating party this year. We decided on cupcakes. I think the boys were a little disappointed but the girls loved it. Maybe the boys were too busy playing with the toys? Who knows.
Typical Slade. Eating instead of decorating. He would sneak some every time I wasn't looking.

Tucker liked the icing, too. He wasn't much on the decorating, just eating the final product.

Eryn loved decorating. She was very determined and wanted to do it herself!! No help, Mom!

This girl did some serious decorating. The concentration was hilarious to watch. She did a very good job and loved her results!!!! It was truly like watching a kid in a candy store!

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Anonymous said...

I love your tradition. We used to do the same every year at Laetta Akbar-Ali's house. We would do cookies and ornaments. Did a cool tree with star shaped cookies one year. It was great! The kids look great. Back to some normalcy now. Have a great Day!!!!