Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Home Improvement-Take 2

Ok, so I am updating my progress. I have the bedroom done, with most things hanging on the wall. I know that the photo is not so exciting, but just imagine what it looked like before - off white with absolutely nothing on the walls. I love it now. I just want to go and sit in there. I do need to copy some photos for my frames.
This is above the dresser. I did the flower arrangement-1/2 off stems from Hobby Lobby. They actually look better than they do in this photo. Not sure yet how things are going to sit on the shelf. Still deciding. The important thing is that the shelf is now on the wall!!!!!! Not in storage like it has been for 6 mo!

This is the hallway from my bedroom into the kitchen. We painted it the same color as the bedroom. The hangers are my bargains from Hobby Lobby. $6.50 each!!!! I love a great bargain. Yes, there are nine hooks and we will use them all. I am always searching for places to hang diaper bags, coats, purses, backpacks, scarps(as Finley would say for scarfs), beach towels, etc. Kyle really thought it was funny that there were nine. I told him they serve a purpose and aren't just for decoration!

One of my favorite sayings. This is hanging sort of across from the hooks. Yes, it was a bargain, as well. 12 bucks.

My handy dandy mail holder. 6 bucks on sale. I can even hang my keys on one of the little circles on the bottom. Way handy.

On to Slade's room. All the furniture is in the middle. I had to fill about a million nail and screw holes. Never realized how many things were hung in that room!!! I have help coming tomorrow. It is just a mess tonight. Red wall is old, blue wall is new. Blue wall was difficult! Three coats, two different brands of paint. I had some major paint problems and will return to the store for different paint tomorrow for the third time. Side note - save yourself a lot of trouble and buy the quality paint that is more expensive. You'll thank yourself and your pocketbook later.

Monkey bathroom is finished!!! Yeah!!! We got the new light fixture hung and I finished putting on the new drawer handles this morning. I had to show my very cute lamp I made. It was black and I painted it and decorated the shade. It serves its purpose as a little night light. The circle things are Stephen Joseph monkey pins that I found for 99 cents.

My super talented friend, Beth (baby due 5-23-09) came and did the sayings with brown fabric paint. Awesome as you can see. I love her font. I think she should start charging. Well, maybe not me! I did give her an acrylic stamp for her troubles.

The next three sayings are inside the big polka dots on the brown wall.

This is above the bathtub. When Finley first walked in and saw the monkeys the day I put the shower curtain up, she started singing, "One little monkey jumping on the bed." So I had to include this saying for my memory but we fixed it according to the room. Tub instead of bed! Actually I'm not finished with the bathroom. I'm waiting on two prints of monkeys that a lady on Etsy made me. I'll take a picture when they get here.


Tracy said...

Looks so great! Can't wait to see it all in person.

And yes, you will use all nine hooks! :-)

Anonymous said...

Looks great. will you come paint for me or just send Kyles guys. Could you post a christmas card picture. I did not get one!!!!!
Happy New Year

Anonymous said...

Come over and fix my house next. By the way, I love my hooks like that, but I only have 5 and wish I had 9.
- Jenn