Thursday, June 27, 2013

More May 2013 Happenings

I was looking through my pics and here are some things from May that I had not added.........

It was our elementary school's 25th anniversary. The PTA asked Kyle work on this project of our anniversary bricks in front of the school. He did a beautiful job and ended up donating the entire job! Way to go, Daddy! It looks great!

Teachers, students, and former students were able to purchase bricks this year that would be placed in the front entry yard.

Somehow, Finley & Slade's brick got a great spot right in the front?!? haha!

We registered Slade for Ceta Canyon church camp. He will be gone 5 days in July!!! I am having to cut the apron strings on this one-it will be his first time away from home that long. Sniff, sniff.

Someone was sick with RSV and then it turned into pneumonia. What the heck, Gunnar???

My flowers for Mother's Day. I came down with the stomach bug that all three of my kids had the week before. I was in bed the entire Mother's Day weekend. Thank you, sweet children. I got a beautiful watch from my sweeties, though.

Campbell graduated from her preschool. She will be in kinder next year!

Nana and the kids after graduation.

Kyle tore out the backyard which has led to many mud fights.

 Gunnar and I went up to the big kids play day the week before school was out. It was hot!

 Finley and Mary Catherine-the Coronado Pom squad came to the play day to perform. Mary Catherine is also one of Slade's friend's sister. She dances at Dance Gallery and Finley thinks she is pretty cool.

Crazy 4th grade boys.

Crazy 4th grade boys and the pretty pom squad.

 We joined a pool that is close to us for the summer. So far, best money we've spent in a long time. We are enjoying it!
Technically this is the first week in June. Kyle was gone one night so Shauna and her kids came and spent the night with us. We went to the pool and hung out at the house.

Gunnar and Owen needed some chocolate milk before bed. Shauna and I watched episodes of Mad Men on Netflix. The other kids played. It was great.

Finley and I got our toes done.

And Slade went to Coronado basketball camp the week after school was out. Man, I'm already tired! And June has been busy, too. No rest, I tell you, no rest!!!

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Plus 4'

We spent two hours waiting for our ENT to tell us that this girl's tonsils are touching and need to come out. She has the highest number on the tonsil scale-plus 4. This would explain her snoring like a man and restless sleeping. She had her adenoids out when she was two but her tonsils weren't a problem then. Sure wish they would have grabbed the tonsils, too. I think we are going to wait till the Fall to get them out. It seems to be harder on them the older they are and two weeks of our summer taken up to feel bad is not what we are looking forward to in August. So I think we will pick a long holiday weekend this Fall. \

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Gunnar's End of Year Program

Look how he grew..........

       First Day in September                                                        Last Day in May

Gunnar's program was the same night as Finley's dance rehearsal. So Kyle and Slade took him and Finley and I raced back to his school after she danced and we walked in right when they were taking his class up on stage! We were just in time. Slade's awards were that day, too, so every child had something that day-yikes! We ran all over town!!!

Gunnar's class, the Tiny Turtles, sang some really sweet songs and in my opinion were the cutest performers!!!

 After his program, we took everyone to eat. Gunnar was crying and telling us to go home. He proceeded to wake up sick the next day. I took him to the doctor and he had RSV? And then, the next week he got pneumonia. The end of school was rough on him!!!
This is Gunnar's teacher, Miss Marla-one of the BEST preschool teachers any of my three kids have had. She was absolutely wonderful. She was just a blessing to us the entire year. We will sure miss her next year!

Gunnar and Miss May-she kept Gunnar somedays in after school care. She is the sweetest lady. One day they called me to come get him because he had cut the top of his head on this shelf and Miss May cried because he got hurt. I had to console her! Gunnar had the best year. The next week after his school was out, we dropped Finley and Slade off at school and he started crying in the back seat, "Don't go home, take me to cool (school)!

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Finley's Dance Recital 2013

Finley performed in her 4th dance recital.
Memorial Day weekend, May 25, 2013.

She was very cute with her flowers from Kyle that he gave her after her morning performance!

This was her first year to perform a ballet dance at the recital.

                                         She danced to the theme song to Beauty and the Beast.

Lined up for her first performance! Dance Gallery recitals are a BIG DEAL! We had rehearsal Thursday night and two performances on Saturday. I even took her out of school early on Thursday-it's a really big deal, I tell you!

Finley gave flowers to Miss Sloan. Sloan has taught Finley several years and I taught school with Sloan's mom! We always love Miss Sloan's name because that's Finley's middle name. This is Miss Sloan's final year-she graduated from college! We are very sad and will miss her terribly, but we are excited for her!

We had quite a debacle after her morning performance-she tripped and fell outside and tore a hole in her stockings! It was an ordeal and she was very upset. Thankfully Brandi had an extra pair of stockings for her to wear that night. We bandaged her up-the show must go on!!!!!!!

Fin and mom after her dance.

 More beautiful flowers!

If it looks like I put a ton of makeup on her-I do! They tell us to because on stage, it's the perfect amount because of the lighting. Otherwise, she might look pale. Every dancer wears the same shade of lipstick from Merle Norman-they give us a sample to use!!!

 Slade, Finley, and Ben Tadlock. Slade brought Ben because Ben's "girlfriend" was dancing. Oh, my, sighhhhhh.........

 Since we lucked out and Finley was the 5th dance out of 60 something dances, we brought Gunnar. And that was about the extent that he could handle. Five dances was pushing it, poor dude! She had always been near the end and this year was a treat to go so soon!

 Campbell and Finley-one of my favorite pics of these two ever!

 Nana, Campbell, Finley, Cita

 Taking some pics backstage.

This is Rebecca-she came from NYC to perform in the recital. She was Belle in Finley's dance, but she had lots of parts during the recital. The little dancers thought she was the greatest!

 Miss Sloan and Finley in costume.

Lauren, our sitter, brought Finley flowers, too. She danced at   the Dance Gallery growing up, too!

 A few on-stage close-ups........see what I mean about the make up fading out........

This is one of my favorite days of the whole year that Finley and I share together. During the morning performance, all of our family watches. Then at the night performance, just Finley and I go back together. After she dances, we stay and watch the entire show. It is usually over 3 hours total. And of course, this year's show was awesome. We loved it!!!

 Finley and Kariden

 For the recital, she had to wear her hair in a bun, like a true ballerina. But for dance photos, we could choose what style we wanted. We picked curls. I actually think I already posted these but I wanted to show the difference. She looked so big, and professional in her bun. She looks little and sweet with it down.

 Love her!

 Gunnar was such a help during photos......LOL!