Tuesday, April 28, 2009

10 Things for My Memory

Just a few things that I need to write down to save for my memory. Two posts in one day. I'm full of it, what can I say???

1. Rats shed. Enough said.

2. Finley tells the truth most days. Example: "Finley, what are you doing?" "Scratching my hiney." The chick doesn't lie.

3. It is possible for Slade to dress himself without assistance. He just chooses not to most mornings.

4. Ipods really are fantastic to relieve the boredom of exercising. Who doesn't want to feel the burn when you hear a ballad of Jesse's Girl. Kinda makes you peppy.

5. Inevitability. Give your child a cup with no lid and they're gonna spill it. Every time. Every. Single. Time.

6. It's impossible for me to take all the vitamins that are on my health regimen. I feel more like a patient. And vitamins make my stomach hurt. Imagine that?

7. Finley can say a hilarious version of The Pledge of Allegiance. I have it on video.

8. I secretly wish that when I see a silver Volvo, Edward will be inside to wave at me. No such luck.

9. I secretly wish that I was a vampire. Not forever. I would just want to play a game of baseball with the Cullens, ride in the silver Volvo, and look at McSparkly while lying in the flower meadow. Maybe just three days and then I would want all my vitamins back.

10. I love the weather like this - chilly, foggy, kinda like Forks. Ok, so I've gone off track with Twilight. Forgive me. It's all too consuming.

What Do You See Through These Glasses?

Have you stopped to smell the roses lately, or whatever allergenic flower that is blooming at the moment? I haven't in a while. Today while running errands and getting Max some food at Petsmart, I slipped into the Barnes and Noble next door. I sat in the floor and read a Walt Whitman poetry book for fifteen minutes. It was nice, just for a quick moment. Does that count? April and May are busy busy, even for a stay at home mommy. For example, my past weekend. My mom and grandmother came to visit. Friday was a birthday lunch for a friend and lots of errands. Saturday saw it's share of THREE birthday parties and a soccer game. Around seven loads of laundry. Kyle hasn't been home for dinner in a week now. Craziness!!! I don't know how I did it when I worked. I have an extra kiddo now, so maybe that makes a big difference. And Slade didn't have practice, etc. Kuddos to all the 9-5 working mommies. You are Superman! Or Superwoman shall I say. I'm pretty sure Superwoman is tougher than Superman. Superwoman had to give birth and take care of her children, give them medicine, vitamins, do laundry, that kind of thing. Anyways, back to the smelling of the roses.

I have been intrigued the last few days watching Finley. There is something to the saying, "Seeing life through the eyes of a child". Kids really do stop and look at the little things. I was watching Finley last night as she stepped out of the bathtub. She stopped for several seconds and watched water drip onto the freshly washed bath rug. It would drip and and leave an indention in the little carpet threads, thus turning the wet spots a dark brown. She just stood and let it drip. She'll sit for unrecorded amounts of time and play with the sticky adhesive on the flaps of a bandaid. Play with it until it's no longer sticky and then looses her interest. Have you ever seen a child watch a bug crawl across the cement? Or an ant. That bug keeps their undivided attention for several minutes. An adult would probably just squash it, never missing a step.

Finley was following me around the house yesterday. It was beautiful outdoors, so I had the backdoor open. She was standing really still, looking at me. I asked her what was wrong. She said, "Do you hear that birdie?" No, I hadn't stopped to listen to the birds-unfortunately too concerned with the saltine crackers ground into my carpet. But I did after she brought it up. For a quick moment, I appreciated that bird for the sweet tune it chirped instead of the poop it leaves behind on my car window every day when it sits on the tree in the driveway! I watched Finley as she sat in the driveway and watched a thick chunk of pink chalk roll all the way down to the street. It's like they have some kind of innate sense of appreciation for their surroundings. Very cool.

When do we loose that? At what age? Do you ever get it back? I think that we do. I remember watching my great-grandparents sit and fish at the ponds when I was small. They were so satisfied and enjoyed watching us run around and eat their Twinkies and drink their caffeine free Diet Dr. Peppers. I've noticed that older people will stop and tell me how cute Finley looks in a dress. One little lady even touched my hair and told me what pretty long hair I had. Freaked me out a bit when I saw the hand coming towards me, but she meant well. She liked my hair. I think after you've lived a long time, you tend to see the beauty in life. With the gray hairs and wrinkles of character, come a love of things, not possessions you acquired with money. The little things. The dewy drops of rain on a leaf. The smell of a rumbling thunder storm. The chirps of a very poop filled blackbird. Kinda like a child. Kinda like my Finley.

So pop a Zyrtec this week and stop to smell the spring flowers. And remember, not all birds are out to get your windshield. Some have a sweet chirp that Finley likes to hear. And best of all, this won't cost you a penny...............Well, maybe 17 cents for a generic Zyrtec.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Sentimental Sunday

These are from Brandi's wedding - June 2005. Slade was 2 1/2 and evidently not happy about the flower! haha! Those are my dad's hands.
I love this picture! Kyle tying Slade's black shoes. I had to specially order those shoes because you can't find black dress shoes for little boys in June. He was quite sweet in his little tux!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

All I Can Say Is..........

CRAZINESS!!! And I'm consumed by it! I beg you to start reading the series-you won't be sorry. You just maybe not be able to continue with your daily life until you find out what the heck Bella and Edward are going to do tomorrow!!!!!!!!

The author, Stephanie Meyer, is a young mom, never had written a book in her life, who has a dream one night. She sees this beautiful vampire(to become "Edward") in a green meadow with a normal brunette girl(to become "Bella") and he's trying not to kill her. She wakes up and writes the 13th chapter of Twilight and the rest is history. How crazy is that!!!

If vampires don't float your boat, doesn't a wonderful love story? You'll see through the vampire facade and will begin to focus on the brilliant love story. This man/vampire loves this girl to his very core and then some. So much so that it's painful. And if that doesn't peak your interest, you're as cold hearted as Victoria! Who's Victoria? Well, you'll just have to read and find out for yourself.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Me, Messy?

Does anyone need her to help you in the kitchen? I'll loan her to you for a very short time. But I warn you, it will be a MESS!

BTW-finshed Eclipse! All that I thought it would be and more. Can Edward get any better?!?

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

And we're off.......................

Imagine the joy I felt when I opened my front door after Slade got home from school today and there it sat. Neatly bundled in traditional USPS packaging. The postman had left it quickly, like a thief in the night-I never even knew he was at my front door! Sneaky little man. My sweaty little fingers could not tear it open fast enough! And there it was, like a spotlight shining down on it.......ECLIPSE!!! My very own copy, now here in my hands. Suddenly, cold ran through my fingers, like the frigid feel of a vampire's hands. No, seriously, just kidding. I'm not that crazy yet. Just dramatic and wanted you to get excited or intrigued for a quick moment, haha! Anyways, I couldn't get the girls situated fast enough in the backyard to play so that I may quench my thirst with this sweet little novel. Slade went over to the neighbor's house to play and I let the girls run wildly in the gravel as I set up my dusty backyard chair, feet propped and all. I'm just hoping that Campbell didn't sneak any gravel bits in her mouth while I was freakishly speedreading!!! By eleven o'clock tonight, with the interruption of making dinner, baths, running to CVS, etc., I'm stopping on page 203! It's good, girls. Really good. It makes me smile. And can I just tell you one little part in the book tonight that melted my heart on page 95. Edward leaves Bella a note on her pillow that reads,

"I'll be back so soon you won't have time to miss me.
Look after my heart---I've left it with you."

Seriously, girls. Is that not the sweetest thing ever! He truly loves her! I mean who else but a mythical vampire would leave a note that said that on your pillow? No men I know could write that eloquently, no offense to the male species.

But a girl can always dream.......................................................Hint, hint, Kyle.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Beth's Baby Shower

We had lots of fun at my sweet friend, Beth's baby shower. Lots of yummy food, neat gifts, and great friends. When can we do it again?

Jaclyn, Beth's sister, Beth, and Linda(Beth's mom)-We asked everyone to bring, in addition to a gift, their favorite children's book and leave a sweet note to baby Logan. And Beth really loves books, too!

We got her the high chair.

Jaclyn and baby Jarrett - I'm still mad they moved. I had big plans for our oldest boys to be friends.

Melissa made these cute tiny little pacifiers out of jelly beans and lifesavers.

We got to hug on lots of sweet babies. I'm ready for Beth's to get here so we can breathe germs all over him!!!

Amy and her daughter, who acted very well all during the shower.

Absolutely delish petitfors - they had baby feet and the baby's initials.

My potato casserole was a big hit-I've had to email the recipe to several people.

Anndee, Melissa, and Lacy-my Twilight partners-in-crime.

I love shower food, don't you!

She now has everything known to man to help take care of a baby-all she needs now is the kiddo! She claims he will have lots of hair-we'll see. Place your bets now!

And of course, the Hostesses with the Mostesses! Good times, girls!

Monday, April 13, 2009


No, not Edward Cullen-my handsome, pale faced vampire beauty that is on my mind 24/7 these days, and I'm anxiously awaiting the arrival of the third book from the UPS man. I was thinking Edward Scissorhands. It always reminds me of that movie when I see this. She will cut a whole 8x10 page into the tiniest, most careful scraps with the most detailed precision for at least thirty minutes. The little zebra scissors are MIA at the moment, but I'm sure we'll find them and she can design the most unique hedges outside our house. Just like Edward. Edward Scissorhands that is. Not Edward Cullen, my chilly, blood loving beau that could at this very moment be playing a nasty game of vampire baseball. He's fast, very fast.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Be Blessed

May you see the glimmer of hope because the tomb was found empty.
Happy Easter from the The Smart Family!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Beat This


Plus This

Equals This!!!
And it doesn't get much better than that!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Flashback Friday

Ruidoso 1997. What I would give to have those legs back..........
It never occurred to me that Kyle looked so 90210ish at the time! Isn't he cute! I don't remember him doing much skiing?!? I was just worried about looking good for him on the slopes. I did love to ski and really miss it-I haven't been in years. Boy how life changes. Back then, not a worry in the world. Now, too scared I might break something and be out of commission-which is not good for chasing kiddos around and playing taxi to all their events.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Never a Dull Day

I'm not sure I have told about our latest incident at the Smart house. Last Tuesday, Slade went to the doctor for his ingrown toenail and was put on antibiotics, hoping it will get better. About two hours later, he was outside jumping on the trampoline and injured the opposite foot. He crawled inside, crying, telling me his foot was hurt. It bruised on the top and was swollen. We put ice on it, kept it inclined, and gave him Motrin. We think he came down on in toes first, then fell forward, stretching the middle part of his foot. After a miserable night, I took him to the the urgent care clinic and they x-rayed it. Two hours later, she told us that it wasn't broken-just to walk on it. I was thinking, well good luck with him walking on it-he can't! Sooooo, the next day, he absolutely still could not walk on it. I was scared something else was wrong, plus we couldn't carry him everywhere and he had to get back to school.
I called the podiatrist on Thursday that is seeing him for the toenail and they said to bring him in. I still don't know why it didn't cross my mind to take him there in the first place-hindsight is 20/20. So they re-xray it and the doc finds that it's a "sprained joint". Evidently, it was out of joint for a moment and went back in. He wanted to make sure it heals back in the correct place, so we were sent to The Brace Place for a walking air cast, which we've worn for a week now. He can take it off just in time to play his soccer game this Saturday. And can I just say that when I went to pay for the cast, it of course, fell under the deductible, therefore I must meet the deductible before my insurance will pay for it. Basically, our insurance doesn't pay for jack unless the deductible is met, per person. I get infuriated with insurance. We pay out the nose each month for our family insurance and they can't even pick up a darn walking cast. Deductibles are just a weaselly way they get out of paying for things, in my opinion. So if you know anyone that needs an air cast, I will sell it to them at a reduced price!!!
He really has done well in the cast and the foot doesn't hurt him. I think it was a matter of the joint bothering him in the future if it didn't heal in the proper place, more than it bothering him now. We'll see. So for the last week, every night with soak the toenail in warm Epsom salt water and put medicine and a bandaid on it and the other foot is propped up and iced down. And every morning we deflate the air then put it back on and inflate new air before he leaves for school. I told him I was tired of his ailments-he's been very high maintenance lately, haha!!!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Pure Addiction

It's hopeless. I can't believe I was pulled into this mysterious world. I can't quit thinking about it. It's time to admit it. I'm weak. I am officially a TWILIGHT ADDICT. I finished the book two nights ago and the movie last night sealed the deal for me. I now have the characters in my head and I want MORE. I may have to find the next book let's say-IMMEDIATELY! Edward melts my heart, pale skin and all. Never in the world would I have believed that a vampire story could make me crazy! I feel like I know them and it's real!!!!! I wasn't totally sold till about three quarters of the way through the book. Towards the end, I couldn't put it away and the movie, though a bit different in some parts, made it come to life. Will she be a vampire, too? Will she live forever? Will they be together-for always? Stay tuned - I know I will! I heart Edward. Where are you, New Moon?

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


We convinced Cita to make her famous chocolate chips a few weekends ago while she was here. Finley sampled the batter!
We love your cookies, Cita!
I am sick.......again.......sinus infection, very stuffed up nose, terrible headache, stuffed up ears. Everyone is sick actually. Campbell went to the doc yesterday, Kyle is stuffed up and has the sore throat. But, knock on wood, Slade and Finley are squeaking by on Benadryl and Claritin. Cross your fingers. I'm sick of this horrible weather, which I'm convinced is why we are all sickly. The dust and cold wind is soooo annoying! Please stop, Wind!
I'm ready for everyone to be well and it to feel like spring! I'm ready to have to apply sunblock, wear my trusty capri's(my legs are very white), groom my heels and toenails for my flipflops, and SWIM! I hope capris don't go out of style anytime soon. They could already be out of style-I'm usually not up on the latest fashions, unfortunately. I'm going to wear them anyways. Kinda like Nana's peddle pushers or however you spell that. Nana has these "never going to be worn out" little pants she wears in the summer.
Oh, I cannot wait to swim. We are little fish in this family. We have a most wonderful neighbor about three doors down who allows the Smart bunch to swim to our hearts content-all summer long. I love these neighbors.
I want to go to a Rascal Flatts concert-they are singing on television right now. I cannot believe the wind is going be horrible on egg hunt day this Thursday-bummer! Well, yes, I can believe it. Two Easters ago, we had snow. Go figure. I feel as though I'm not making good use of my camcorder. There are so many funny things that Finley says-I must get them on video before she grows anymore. The rat is getting HUGE-he might be able to carry Finley off in a few short weeks.
What incapacitated human being scheduled a soccer game on Easter weekend. One that doesn't go out of town or visit his family on Easter, that's who! I'm am traumatized that ER went off the air. Very sad. I watched it in high school-I feel nostalgic about it. Those were some fun days, high school. You just worried about how you looked in your Girbaud jeans and what event the cute guy was going to be at? Smelling good cause you used your new Eternity perfume. Trying to pitifully smoke cigarettes while dangling your feet off the hill at Roadside Park. I wasn't always as boring as I am now, haha! Nana-if you are reading this, thinking bad of me about the cigarettes, may I remind you about the time you climbed into the "S" cave with your friends and ya'll had to leave a rope to find your way out. That was dangerous!
I have to get off the computer, pay some bills online, go get some groceries, and buy some Kleenex for my raw, runny nose. I think I'd rather be dangling my feet off of Roadside Park with a pack of Marlboro Lights.
Man, I hope my sweet baby girl in that top picture never dangles
her feet off of Roadside Park while smoking Marlboro Lights!?!
Yes, Random, Erratic Thoughts Tuesday. I've scraped one too many barf blankets.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Sour Grapes Perhaps

I have really come to love the "blog world"! I love being able to write down things that I will never remember-especially the sweet things my kids say! I love the photos and look forward to seeing other's sweet babies and kids. It's so nice to be able to keep up with friends and family whom I normally don't get to see. I think for the most part, it has been a positive experience. Some people are so uplifting and make my day better with their writings.

I do have one thing that really bothers me, unfortunately. I have seen this on several other blogs and it really chaps me. I really hate for people to leave comments that are hateful, unhelpful, and/or snide. And I especially hate it when people sign comments anonymous! If you are going to say something to someone that is nice or not, at least be big enough to sign your name to it. I left a comment on someones blog that stated my opinion about immunizations and someone left me a comment(wasn't even my blog) that was so hateful. I even saw a comment left to someone that basically said that how could she call herself a true Christian when buying designer jeans and purses. I mean, seriously folks, if you don't like them, don't take the time to read their blog-it's that simple. I have come across blogs that I don't like, so I just don't click on them anymore. I just think that people who blog want this to be a happy experience, even if the readers don't agree with what they do. Some of the new moms that blog really need encouragement, not someone telling them they are wrong. Everyone needs some encouragement actually. I am a big girl, I can take it if your opinion differs from mine, but I do think that there is a tactful way of leaving a comment......and signing your name to it.

I have two personal blog rules. 1.)I will only write things that I know are safe for ANYONE in the world to read 2.) I will not be hurtful to anyone even if I don't agree with them.

And to all my favorite bloggers, I love to keep up with your daily happenings. You are all awesome! Keep up the good work-and keep putting up those sweet pics!!!

Friday, April 3, 2009

Flashback Friday

August 2006 - This is one on my favorite pictures ever of Slade Smart! I just love it and think it looks very GQ! He is 3 1/2, I love him in that red shirt, and he's sitting on my grandmother's antique swing that she gave me. Love, love, love it!

Finley Smart's 6 month photo. She is a chunky doll! Mom bought her that little outfit-I was so sad when it was time to pack it away!

OOOhhhh, steal my heart right now! My babies!!!! I love them. Give me another one-I can't take how sweet they are! August 2006, Slade 3 1/2 and Finley 6 weeks.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Chapstick Anyone?

I check a blog periodically to see how these people are doing. They lost a baby girl just days shy of her first birthday in March. She was born with a heart condition and her name was Gracie. I found out today that her kidneys went to a 49 year old woman in California. Wow! What a selfless gift of life they gave in their time of tremendous grief. I don't check the blog every day because it makes me too sad, but this what she wrote today.

I Want..............
I want to hold my baby.I want to give her kisses.I want to give her a bath.I want to change her diaper.I want to wash her clothes.I want to hear her cry.I want to make her smile.I want to see her play with her toys.I want her to do her cute little 'look away' when I see her.I want to say 'Who's that pretty girl over there!' to her one more time.I want to fluff her hair.I want to see her 12 little teeth.I want to refill her medication.I want another picture of her.I want to turn on Dora the Explorer for her.I want to bring her to the next family party.I want to see her light up when you give her her chapstick.I want to see the pure love on her face when she cuddles up to her blankie.I want to hear her whine for me when she sees me.I want to see my kids with her again.Just one more time...................

The whole entry really made me stop in my tracks today. Wow, the little things we take for granted. I couldn't believe it when she wrote that she wanted to "refill her medication"! I mindlessly pull through CVS, pouting at what the copay is going to be. I grimace at one more episode of Dora-I get so sick of cartoons. How many times do you dread the laundry and infamous stain removal? Moms, can you imagine your wash without those sweet pink socks or stinky, grassy, size two cotton socks. What if your television was always on only the news or Oprah and you never heard the words, "Up next, It's Dora the Explorer!" Can you remember the last time you pulled through the pharmacy drive-thru and didn't ask for an extra syringe to put their pink liquid antibiotics in? How quiet life would be. It's just the small, insignificant things that I take for granted. Please don't let me do this. I want to put those ever-so-tiny clear rubber bands in her hair and spike his with the blue sticky gel!

I really hope Finley asks for some chapstick today-and this time, I will sincerely say, YES!!!