Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Happy Late Halloween!

Ok, so I realize I am a holiday behind. This fall has flown by. I cannot believe it's even Thanksgiving, much less sooo close to Christmas! I am puzzled-didn't we just have Finley's birthday party in JULY!!! My goodness. Well, these are cute photos. Don't have time to label them-we are packing to go to Iraan. Enjoy my sweet ladybug and handsome pirate. Don't forget the skunk, either! Happy Thanksgiving to all!!!

These were just random little penguins. They were so cute with the ice blocks and all, I just had to take a pic!


Saturday, November 21, 2009

Santa Came Already.........

Well guys, Christmas came early this year. It was much anticipated, eagerly awaited, and breathtakingly delicious. It was all I could have wanted and more. All wrapped up nicely in a little box of cinematic fabulousness. It arrived in all its glory. Fantastic. Heart wrenching. Painful. Superbness. Excitement. Glorious. Magical. You might have heard of this stupendous gift. A little movie called NEW MOON!!!

Love is not a word that could do it justice. I just keep thinking, FABULOUS! Ten times better than Twilight. Better clothes, better makeup, better dialogue, better everything!

I got to see her. And him. Not enough of him, but that's how it goes in this book.

Please look at this jaw. The perfect man's jaw. My favorite vampire jaw of all times! Move over Anne Rice. Nobody ever had a jaw like this in one of your books made into a film. And let's not forget the fact that this jaw belongs to the most honest to goodness, romantic, gentle, kind, breath-takingly handsome vampire of all times. And I got to see him.

Twice! Yes, I've have pathetically managed to sneak in to the theater TWICE. Twice in, ummm, 48 hours. I'm not ashamed. If you love the books, you will be very happy with New Moon. And if you haven't read the books, get off this blog now. I mean it. Leave. Leave for your own sanity. Because I plan to be gushing about this hunk and movie till well past the new year. And the third book's movie is coming out in June. So that's like six months of gushing.

Well worth the two hour, half the time being in the cold, wait. The seven hours in the theater because we saw a replay of Twilight before we even saw New Moon. Such a small price to pay. Did I mention Santa came early? It's beginning to look alot like Christmas...............

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Glorious Day!

My son can now take out the trash. All. By. Himself. My life just got easier. One less chore on my list. I have so much joy in my heart. I wonder what he can do with a toliet brush?

Friday, November 13, 2009

Lil' Miss Ladybug

Seriously-has anyone ever seen a cuter bug? Me neither.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Say Cheeze......................

Old McDonald had a farm.............................................

Monday, November 2, 2009

Pot or Kettle?

It has come to my attention that I have some old toothpaste in the kids monkey bathroom. We don't use our toothbrushes in the monkey bathroom very often-we mainly brush in the master bathroom. All of us. All four of us. At some moments, all four of us are in a space of about 3x6, brushing teeth, spraying hair, lotioning our bodies, shaving, etc. The family that bathes together, stays together? Is that how it goes? Well, anyways, back to the paste. I have some samples, well at one time there were alot of samples, of Crest. If I recall, my sister-in-law gave us tons of travel size toothpaste when she was in dental school. Well, we've been working on these tubes awhile. Keep this in mind while I continue with my other story. Don't worry. The stories will intersect.

Nana, my grandmother, has been known to keep things past their expiration date. Sometimes they are weeks expired, months, and even some, a year or two. I'm very paranoid about germs and bad food. Imagine my horror the day I discovered we all ate Hidden Valley Ranch Dressing for Christmas when it was expired the past spring!!! Nana claims that it is fine. It has been in the fridge. People left food out all day back in "the day". People didn't even have refrigerators and kept food just fine. I say they must have eaten alot of jerky for meat, but who am I?!? We, well I, love to give her a really hard time about the condiments in her fridge. I also found a pill bottle in her bathroom that had "The Corner Drug Store" logo on it. Yes, Iraan people. As in Murph Thorpe. How long has it been since Murph had the drugstore? A while. Quite a while. Like Bon Jovi wearing ripped jeans, long hair, and singing Living on a Prayer, while. She claims she just kept it for sentimental value. I'll buy that, Nana. Nonetheless, I make sure someone brings fresh ranch dressing at Christmas and love to tease Nana. (FYI-Nana is the healthiest person in our family. By far, the healthiest. Could she be onto something with the expired condiments, perhaps?)

So, with my recent discovery, I have found myself to be a pot. The pot that called the kettle black. A black witches cauldron pot. I thought this tube of Crest was kinda dull and plain tasting, but just chalked it up to the baking soda formula. What ever made me look at the tiny stamped numbers on the bottom of the tube, I'll never know. But I did. I looked at it.........................

August 2003. Which means this Crest should have been chunked when Slade Smart was 7 months old. Before he ate baby food meats. Before he had Halloween rotavirus. Before Finley was ever thought about. Before I really knew how to parent. Well, actually, I still don't know how to parent. I'm just winging it and hoping they don't turn out wearing Gothic clothing and get caught stealing cigarettes from the convenience store. Either way, this travel tube of Crest is OLD!!! The fresh mint has lost it's zing. And I'm pretty sure the whitening power is shot. And I know that I'm eating my words, Nana.

Now, you can decide. Am I the pot or am I the kettle??? Either way, they are both black. I wonder if Bon Jovi uses Crest.............................

Sunday, November 1, 2009

32 Years and Counting....

Happy Halloween Birthday, Daddy/Kyle!