Wednesday, August 29, 2012


I love it when he puts on someone else's shoes and tries to walk in them. And there's plenty of shoes left around here for him to put on. Sometimes I feel like the shoes in this house actually multiply! There are shoes everywhere. Ballet shoes, dress up shoes, flip flops, boots, sandals, Nikes, football cleats, water shoes, flats. You get the point. Funny thing is they are never in the closet.

Enough about shoes, my purpose was to blog this so I don't forget. At night, I've been giving G the choice to read a book or watch Barney. Most times we do both, but I ask, "Do you want to read a book or watch Barney?" So the past week or so, I've been noticing that when G wants to watch Barney, he points to the television and says, "Barneybook". I suppose he just combined the two because he can't choose. Best of both worlds, I guess!!!

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Finley's 6th Birthday!!!

We celebrated my sweet baby's 6th birthday on Friday, July 13th! How can she possibly be SIX?!? And how am I so behind on my posting?

 First of all, her day began like this! We put balloons and streamers in her room while she was asleep.

 Surprise! Happy sixth birthday!

 Baby brother really loved the balloons, too! He will really be surprised in October on his day!

 Next was her favorite chocolate covered doughnut birthday breakfast.

 Nana and Gunnar were busy dipping their toast in coffee while Finley ate her doughnut. Nana has created a dipping monster!

 Finley picked "Shake It Up" for her birthday plates and we matched her cupcakes with theses bright colors.

 Popcorn munchy cups

 The table had popcorn cups, fruit kabobs, her cake, and Finley's requested Chick-Fil-a nuggets.

 Waiting for the guests to arrive!

 Finley's cake from Nana

 Homemade chocolate cake.

 Gracie, Allie, Emma, & Fin

 The group! Emma, Rachel, Allie, Kendall, Campbell, Finley, & Gracie

 I love her!

 When the girls arrived, they lined up to eat the nuggets and snacks out on the portch.

 Then we came in and unwrapped gifts.

 Next, we were off to Sweet N Sassy. This place is a little girl's dream!!!

 This was the coolest party! When we arrived, they all went back in to a dressing room where there were bunches of dresses hanging up. They could pick which dress they wanted to wear for the party! It was so cool!!!

 Then all the girls went to the glamour stations. They all had their hair fixed, make-up, and nails painted. It was quite an undertaking!

 Finley picked braids and they even made a "bow" in the back!


 About half way through, Finley had to change outfits because her dress was too long. She picked this short, shiny number.

 After the primping, they went on stage and were taught a dance. Finley wouldn't go on stage-she just watched. Gracie watched, too. We had a blast and the dancers were a trip! Some of the girls really got into it!
 After the performances, there was a style show.

 I made Finley at least do the catwalk even though she didn't want to!

Then it was time to change back into the clothes they came in and head to the party room.

 They ate cupcakes and drank pink lemonade.

 Another candle for my girl!

 After the mom's picked up the girls from Sweet N Sassy, we came home and took pics and opened more gifts.

 Slade was at a friend's house. The style show wasn't his cup of tea.

 Gunnar enjoyed an array of sweets this day.

 Emma and Campbell stuck around to watch her open more gifts.

 Mom & Dad gave her an Easy Bake Oven.

 And Cita gave Finley her first American Girl Doll!!! She was very proud of it! And Nana gave her several AG outfits!

 Her big cake. We had lots of cake.

 I love her face in this pic.

 Daddy lit the candles.

My birthday girl.

Can't believe she had six whole candles to blow out this year. It was a great day!!!