Monday, October 31, 2011

Kyle's Birthday!

Today is Kyle's 34th birthday! Brandi's family came over to eat birthday dinner with us!

I made all of his favorites-chicken strips, mashed potatoes, black-eyed peas!

And then I made Pioneer Woman's pecan pie and we had Bluebell ice cream-both his favorites, too! It was yummo and I don't even care for pecan pie! We wrapped up the night with me washing all the dishes by hand because my dishwasher is not draining and Slade & Finley fought everytime the doorbell rang over who would get to hand out candy! Normal night in the Smart house!!!

Happy Halloween birthday, Daddy!!!

Friday, October 28, 2011

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Happy Birthday, Baby Gunnar!

Today my special man turned ONE! And since Blogger is not letting me load any photos tonight, this words-only post will have to do tonight! Happy Bday, G! We love you and cannot wait to celebrate your first year on Saturday!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Pumpkin Patch

We made our annual trip to the local pumpkin patch.

Something was really funny. I don't know what? But it was funny.

And so much for a good pic because this is what Gunnar did each time I tried to get a group shot. Plus it was really windy. And the pumpkins have seen better days-the drought did a number on them.

But nonetheless, something still seemed really funny.

Maybe it was the scarecrow head?

Yes, she seemed to think it was funny!

The wind didn't bother her.

Gunnar didn't think much was funny. He just couldn't get over the fact that orange balls were everywhere! I guess that's why he kept getting away as fast as he could.

And just because life is amusing.......Here we are last year. Same time, same place. 9 months pregnant with a big pumpkin.

And here's that little pumpkin. One year later.....walking with a baby pumpkin on his rear! Seriously, he wasn't even here last year. Well, visible anyways. So weird. Now that's funny!!!

Yep, life's pretty funny that way. It keeps moving. You better jump on the bus or you'll get left behind! : )

PS - We want to wish our bestest aunt in the whole world a very happy birthday!!! Hope you had a great day, Brandi!

Friday, October 21, 2011

I'm Telling You.....

He really really really
likes the vacuum!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

My Crazy Train

As my baby's first birthday creeps upon me, I've been finding myself being in denial. Denial that one year has gone by since I sat in that hospital bed and looked at that sweet baby face. Denial that I will never buy baby bottles or newborn diapers again. Denial that in six years I will turn forty(ouch! I totally still feel 23). Denial that my oldest child is about to be one birthday away from turning double digits. Denial that my daughter will no longer wear little girl clothes-she wants bling and cool stuff now.

People told me how much I would love seeing my children grow up. But nobody told me how much it would make my heart hurt! I wanted every milestone to hurry up and happen with my first child so we could celebrate. For my second, I just took it as it came, no rush. With the third, I find myself digging my feet into the ground, grabbing anything I can hold onto, kicking & screaming so that it will not come! It's almost painful to me that G is turning one. Even with the miserable sleepless nights, reflux, sore boobs, sore body, extra fat around my stomach, crying, puking, messes.....there's just not many things in life that can top the euphoria of a newborn baby. I find them intoxicating. I love Baby Magic hair and milk breath. I could smell it every day for the rest of my life and never get tired of it.

The last year has been a really hard year. I don't know how people with more children do it. Kudos to you that have more because it's difficult. Three kids really threw us for a loop! I do think that the non-sleeping and reflux screaming baby did add to the madness that might otherwise could have gone smoother but it is what it is. And I wouldn't trade him for another baby in the world. I feel like a maniac most days. I never have enough time now. I don't have time for me. I'm sick of my mom outfit (tshirt and athletic pants) but don't see any reason for dressing up to pick up the house, wash clothes, make beds, go to the grocery store-I'm not comfortable dressed up at home. I look at other moms and long to look as fashionable and put together as them. But maybe that's not me. I will stay up too long at night and sacrifice being tired the next day just so that I can grab one hour uninterrupted time by. my. self. Kyle doesn't understand my need for self-absorbed silence. It's totally rational and most necessary to my sanity!

I am a different person now than when I taught school. This stay-at-home mothering thing will take you down to the depths of your soul. And then some. No, it's not rocket science, I realize. But it's unlike anything else I have experienced. It's an endurance race for your body, mind, and soul. It's hardcore. It's exhausting. It's humbling to say the least. And there's no money but you work your everlasting rear off. The reward is simple, though. You get to watch your kids grow up right before your eyes. I somedays wonder if I would be a better mom if I worked. Maybe I would be more patient, more understanding. Maybe I wouldn't mind the house being a wreck if I weren't here to look at it all day. I told my mother that I feel like the movie Groundhog Day. I clean, wash, cook, etc. and then I wake up and do it all again and it looks as if I didn't clean or wash a single thing the day before. But on the other hand, isn't having a paying job kinda like Groundhog Day? Get up, get ready, drive to work, work, lunch, work, drive home. Ok, so life is like Groundhog Day unless you travel the world or climb Mt. Everest. I'm finding that the repetition of each day is actually comforting.

I do struggle with the should of, could of, would of, but I am pretty content. On the days that I've cleaned puke up three times(yesterday), changed two diarrhea diapers(yesterday), wiped the kitchen counter for the bazillionth time(yesterday), unloaded the baby out of the carseat 12 times(yesterday), and feel like I'm going to explode from....well, I don't know, but explode from something, then inexplicably G walks four steps towards me, not holding on, or Fin brings me a drawing that she is so proud of. And I think, I'm so glad I'm here with them. I know I will go back to work and it has been a struggle to make ends meet some months(winter), but we will just keep keeping on. That's what Kyle always tells me. On the days that I know I was not a good mom, I just try to wake up the next morning and be blessed that I have another day, a clean slate, and I can try to do a better job today. I've been trying to work on attitude.

And all my feet dragging this past year is because I know that this is just a moment in time. A small fragment of my life. They just don't stay little no matter how much you want to freeze time-believe me, I've tried. They will grow up. And it is gonna happen soon because I was just in Mrs. Blackwell's third grade class about a minute ago. Slade was just a toddler with cotton white hair, Finley had sprigs that stuck straight up that I called piggy tails, and G was dressed in a white, red, & green alligator outfit, barely big enough to sit in the infant carrier on the way home the day before Halloween. Yesterday, I tell you. So please let me apologize in advance of my sentimental, sniffling, crazy mom train I'm about to board next week when my baby turns one.

I look at this little bunch and realize I'm right where I need to be. I am the most blessed person on the planet. I won the lottery. I have all the excitement I can stand. And at the moment, I'm thinking that Mt. Everest is totally overrated.


Just in case you weren't in Lubbock yesterday..............

This is what you were missing out on! An 8,000 ft wall of dust as a cold front blew into town!

It tipped over planes at the airport, ripped off roofs, caused power outages, and there was zero visibility for several minutes. Wind gusts hit 74 mph. We seriously need some rain here.

I felt like we were in the Middle East in one of those sand storms.

The street lights came on at 5pm! It was really creepy!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Cover Girl Called........

and they want this boy's lashes!!!

Wouldn't all girls just kill for this set!!!

On another note.....can I please just say that today is the 17th, which means that it is 10 days till my baby's first birthday and three months till my big baby's 9th birthday. Yes, I said NINE! Someone commit me now. I just can't take it.....

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Halloween Central

You are now entering the house of Halloween decorations gone WILD!

This is my sister's house and it's crazy.

And out of control!

And very neat and festive.

Kids love it.

Adults love it.

Can you tell my sister has a birthday very close to Halloween?

My husband's birthday is on Halloween, but we don't do this.

We just go over to Aunt B's house to get our spooky fix!


Witch on a broom!

I know, it's crazy isn't it!

Grab you partner.......

Candy, please?

You might leave with a sweet tooth.

Monday, October 10, 2011


Just like a butterfly, she too will spread her wings and fly some day. Enjoy her caterpillar years.

Sleeping Girls

Our neighbors across the street have kids the same ages as my oldest two. Their son has the same birthday as me actually, and he had an all boys sleepover for his birthday two weekends ago. Slade went over to their house after school and in return, we kept the little sister, Emma!

This was Finley's first "friend" sleepover. They were so cute, and I barely heard a peep out of them. Emma is one of my favorite friends-she's so well behaved and sweet! The cutest part of the night was the two girls in bed with their pillow pets!!! We also enjoyed Emma's mom-she kept bringing us snacks over from the party! We had pizza, cookies, and s'mores!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Finley Funny

Yesterday I was in the floor, attempting to do sit-ups. Finley sat down beside me and started doing her own sit-ups(much better & quicker than me). She said, "Look, Mom, I'm doing head-ups, too!"

I love her!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Gunnar is 11 Months!

Not only was my birthday on Tuesday, but it was someone elses special day, too!

My boy turned 11 months! That means I have one more month of him officially being a baby. I guess he's technically still a baby at 13 months, but I feel the time getting away from me really quickly. Too quickly. I am savoring every single minute. From his fat little fingers to his blond fuzzy hair to his stubby little toes. I just cannot believe that this is my last baby. Ok, I'll pull it together and talk about all the things G has been up to!

Weight - 22 lbs Height - 28 1/2 in (those are approximate)
Clothes - some 12 mo, but mostly 18 months
Diapers - size 4
Teeth - 2 new ones on top, on each side of his top front teeth, which makes 6 total.
Eyes - grey-blue

Food - we are done with baby food! Some new things he has tried and liked are salmon, tilapia, cranberries, wheat English muffins, ice cream(dad gave him this), and graham crackers! He eats alot of black beans, fruit, broccoli, chicken, yogurt, wheat toast. He wants anything we drink and cries if he doesn't get it. He does not like bananas or eggs-which I think is weird. He just spits it out.

Sleeping - well, after 11 LONG months, and I stress LONG, I think we've turned a corner. The last two weeks, he mostly is taking a two hour nap at some point each day, which is GLORIOUS!!!(today he actually slept three hours!) And since we've moved him into Finley's room and let him cry out the midnight feeding, he has been sleeping 5-6-7 hours some nights. Do you understand what I'm saying......I am sleeping more than three hours at a time now. All it took was about 335 days, but who's counting? I'm counting, that's who! I'm still so sleepy, but I think it takes some time to catch up on 335 days straight of interrupted sleep!

Words - Da, MaMa, Bel(the dog), hi, dawdaw-he says this about everything, and he will repeat sounds you say. He also waves bye and points his finger at people and smiles. That his best trick this month.

Favs - taking baths, outdoors, keys, drinking out of a straw, Bella, singing, going with daddy.

G is standing by himself and will walk all around the furniture, holding on. I won't be surprised if he walks this month. He is getting better about not putting everything in his mouth-he takes is out if we say no to him. He is big on trying to escape outside and now starts crying if anyone goes out the door without him. I've been letting his crawl like crazy out in the backyard and he loves it! He loves to grab the plant sprinkler and of course, play in the dog's water. I've been seeing some fit throwing lately-he hates me changing his diaper now and rolls and gets so mad when I'm trying to change his clothes.

Although G has been really healthy, we've battled several weeks of the croup this month that he just couldn't seem to shake. And I discovered that he does not like to take medicine. At all.

He loves getting my car keys, so Kyle brought him a bunch of extra keys from the shop so he has his own set! He loves to push the keys on my computer, play in the toilet, get into Slade's toys, play with the hand-vac, broom, vacuum, remote, phone, or anything else not a toy. He eats crayons and chalk, plays in the pantry, & empties any drawers he can get his hands on! When I stand him up in his highchair to get all the food off of him, he stomps his feet really fast and tries to mash all the food pieces in the chair-little toot! He also turbo crawls away from the kids when they are trying to pick him up-he thinks it's a cat and mouse game, I think! It's so funny! He adores Finley and Slade and smiles so big when they walk in the door. I let him wake them up in the morning and he gets right in their face and says, "Da" to them and then whacks them in the head with his chubby little hands.

I could go on and on about all the neat things G is doing. It's just amazing how far babies come in 11 months. He is a happy little guy, but I'm starting to detect a little personality all his own-and he's beginning to let us know about it! Oh, G, you are too much! I sure am enjoying you!!!

Saturday, October 1, 2011


My favorite Patriot football player.