Friday, July 30, 2010

Just Plain Sweet!

My sweet family in Ruidoso. I love these guys!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Flag Football

Slade has had his first taste of football this summer. He is on a little flag football league from a local church in town. We heard about it from our friends from school. He has enjoyed playing. It's really relaxed and he's learning where to stand, plays, and positions.

We bought our first pair of cleats and a mouth piece. I see lots of cleats, sweat, and jerseys in our future!!!

Slade isn't too competitive yet, but he gets excited and tries really hard. He's always happy during the games and looks forward to playing.

They have practice on Tuesday and Thursday and Slade has ran and sweated more than he ever has in his whole life!

Slade and Dad

Run, Slade, Run!!!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Eclipse or Bust!!!

So this would be the culprit that is the reason behind Brandi & my roadtrip to Dallas. He's lanky and British and dreamy. And has a perfectly spectacular new do that makes the urge to run my fingers through his brown locks even more appealing. As my title reads, Eclipse or Bust. That was our weekend slogan. It was a totally fun girls weekend, and my sister and I decided that the last time we went on a trip together WC(without children) was for my bachelorette party in 2001. I think we were due for a trip. It was justified. And the handsome Brit onscreen and a new baby Harper that we had never seen helped seal the deal. And the fact that we love Natalie. Natalie. My girl. My vampire secret sister. Let's start from the beginning..........

Once upon a time, before the Twilight frenzy and Edward/Robert obsession took ahold of our lives, there was a boy named David Drake. He and my sister started kinder together. They were really close friends. There was even a prom that included a pink sequined dress and a can of Rave hairspray and maybe a Quincenera thrown into the mix. Brandi and David managed to survive their high school years, give or take a few groundings, pump jacks, river roads, and there might have been some alcohol involved, but I cannot say for sure. We love David for many reasons, but the most important one being that he found Natalie. We adore Natalie. That boy had good taste. And there you have the story of my Twilight sister. So we've been waiting 6 months to go see Nat and watch ECLIPSE!!! In the words of Legally Blonde - "Roadtrip"!

When we arrived we had our very own personalized message from Rob. We felt very very special.

And this is Nat & I at the theater. After I returned home, I discovered that these are the only photos I took of us girls. I have 50 of her yard, but one of each of us. Go figure. Blame it our excitement of watching Robert onscreen-we were beside ourselves. I cannot explain my dropping the ball with photos. I'll do better at Water for Elephants, right, Nat!?!

And the necklaces that Brandi bought for us all. It says, "Edward Cullen-Bringing back sexy since 1901". And for those odd, strange folks not familiar with the saga, Edward was born in 1901. We find this necklace quite entertaining. We love it.

Several gals went to the movies with us. Kappi is Nat's cousin, in the white shirt. We really really like her. She would be in my dinner circle of friends if she lived here. And the girl in black is pregnant and made her shirt. I was crackin' up!!! I wonder if she would let me borrow it?

Sisters. Awww.

And my baby gift to Harper was her bow holder, which I whipped up while I was there.

It turned out way cute!

And seeing that I had a plethora of house/yard photos, I thought I would show off Nat's super cute house. She has cool taste. Brandi & I like to describe it as Shabby Chic Eclectic. It's so Natalie. She has the neatest stuff in her house, new and modern mixed with antiques. This was her adorable entryway.

And the backyard was to die for!!! I could have slept there. There pool was AWESOME! This is one half of the pool.

And here's the rest. I would never leave the backyard if I lived here.

Pool fountain.

Just really neat.

And her very cool Tori Spellingish dining room. It was white, brown, and orange.

And every one's house was on a little hill, so the yards sloped downward. I found this so funny. We have no hilly yards here in the Hub. We have to make our own hills. And her neighborhood didn't have sidewalks. It doesn't take much to amuse me.

The Drake Cottage. Don't you just love shutters! Can I move in with you?
Eclipse or Bust! Next roadtrip stop-Water for Elephants 2011. A magical story with a boy named Jacob, and elephant named Rosie, and a peculiar bunch of circus folk which might or might not include a stampede...........You really should grab up the book if you 1.Like to read 2. Don't like to read or 3. Just want to prepare yourself for Robward's next movie.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Tea for Two and Two for Tea.....

Warning:Serious Picture Overload

This past Saturday, we held the mother of all tea parties to celebrate Firecracker turning FOUR! I call her Firecracker because Aunt Mimi was calling Finley that in Ruidoso and it just fit her perfectly. She is just that-a little firecracker!!!

This photo was included in her invitation-"Please come dressed in your favorite dress up clothing-I'm wearing this!" I made her tulle skirt and had the cute shirt made from a store on Etsy. If you've never been to the Etsy website, you really are missing out. Way. Cute. Stuff.

And, judging from the mess on this shirt at the end of the day-I'd say it was a BLAST!!! Shirt may never come clean again!

Blowing out the "four" candle. Eight little girls attended this tea party. Eight little girls had too much fun! The weather was fab and Kyle had the yard in tiptop shape.

And so Daddy does his duty and serves up some berry tea to the gals. They had sugar cubes at the table to drop in and stir. Finley picked the ladybug teapot out in Ruidoso last week.

When did she grow up?

Sipping tea like a pro.

The girls did fabulous with their tea etiquette. They loved it!

Even the little ones liked it. We had lots of refills!

Cita helping Campbell blow on the noise maker.

Stir that sugar cube, girl!

Waiting patiently.

Oh, the anticipation.

Princess Eryn

They played on the slide and swings.

Painting takes concentration. And holding your tongue a certain way helps too.

The family of girls + Slade.

She likes her momma. Alot.

"Dad, will you always serve me tea?"


I love my girl!

They have my heart. All three of them.

No birthday is complete without the presents.

I've never seen a kid love to string beads more than her.

Finley loves her beads. Slade wants to know when he can light the candles.

The two Melissas. Love these girls.

I don't know who loves Nana more-Finley or me.

Pure mischief.


Gracie aka "Cinderella" and Allie aka "The Runaway Bride"

We had several centers or stations-whatever you want to call them. They were fun is all you need to know. This is the bead station-in honor of Finley, the bead master.

The Paint Station-was hands down, the all time favorite of the party. The girls got to paint two suncatchers. Basically, I learned to keep girls quite, all you have to do is hand them a paintbrush. It was a hit!

The Face Painting Station. The girls could pick from Mrs. Beth's glorious samples. Mrs. Beth is very artsy. She writes really well, crafts really well, and is all-in-all a very handy girl to have around.

Mrs. Beth is available for birthday parties on Saturdays. She can be reached at 555-1212. Just kidding! She finds us really special and only paints for us. At our tea parties. For Smart girls that turn four. In July. And wear tulle skirts.

The Three Amigos-or Amigas.

The Paint Station, again. Before we moved it out of the sun.

Where are the guests? Can they please hurry up!

Beth wrote all the girl's names on their tea cups. In my favorite font. I glued on the butterfly rhinestone and added a little ribbon on the handle. I found these real china cups at Goodwill for 50 cents a piece. It was a steal!!! They were sitting them out on the shelf when I walked inside-it was fate I tell you!

Oh my gosh-were they ever so cute! Everyone got to take their teacup home with them.

The tables all set.

The place settings were super cute-doile, plate, saucer, teacup.

The Smart Bunch

We had yummy food. The hearts on the right are little ham & cheese and peanut butter sandwiches. United dyed the bread pink for me and I cut them out in a heart cookie cutter. We also had chocolate covered strawberries-Finley's favorite. Fruit pieces, watermelon, chicken salad, rasberry chipolte dip, and crackers.

And the cake was something else. Have you seen a cuter cake? Seriously?!?

Brunettes and Blondes. Who has more fun? I think it's a toss up. Who's meaner? Still, it's a toss up.

Best tea party I've ever been to! We had so much fun! And I think the kids did, too!!!