Thursday, May 31, 2012

May Happenings.........

I'm still working my way through my May photos. Here's just a few of this and that.

Somehow the girls talked Aunt B into taking them to Sweet & Sassy to get their nails done.

Aunt B can be talked into lots of fun things. They came home with toe rings and glitter on their faces.

Ahhhhh, the good life.

Finley's class on the end of year fun day. They went to Main Event.

 Avery, Fin, Kendall, & Grace - They all did some bowling. It was interesting. One of the boys beat Ms. Linda's score!!! I think he has a future in bowling. It was raining cats and dogs when we got there. Kyle took Gunnar to work with him so I could go with Fin. Afterwards, Kendall (tall, pink shirt), came home with us to play that afternoon.

Starting to catch the summer fever. Isn't it sad we don't have a pool..........

Went with mom and did some shopping. She's upgrading her wardrobe.

Gunnar is in pure heaven when he gets 1) a four-pack of Spray Away and 2) brand new cleaning rags.

The really cool knives that mom bought me for Mother's day!

G enjoying an orange push-up! Realllllly enjoying it.

The Graduate.......minus Mrs. Robinson and Dustin Hoffman.

Baby Parker, Kyle, & G-My friend, Melissa, brought us dinner when dad was here for his surgery and we got to play with Parker. Beth also brought us dinner and we played with Baby Laney. We enjoyed playing with infants that week.

And this is just funny.

Cita with her Smart grands before church.

And the four people I love most in life. Carrying the three small ones for a total of 27months + puking, one gallbladder attack, a month of bedrest, and giving birth via csection x 3 tends to make one pretty attached. I love 'em just because their mine.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Crib Crasher

 When I walked into their room to check on Gunnar napping, this is what I found!

Sister had decided to rescue him. The only problem is that he only weighs about 8 more pounds, so she couldn't get him out!!! Next best thing was to just climb in with him!

                                                                    And he loved it!

He loves his sister. He's going to be a sad boy when she goes to elementary school next year.

                                                   They go together like peas and carrots.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Rainy Day

I love rain. But I really love her.

Mother's Day

We had fun celebrating Mother's Day! My parents had been staying in Lubbock for two weeks after Dad had surgery, so we actually got to spend it with my mom! Nana wasn't able to come up this weekend because of the rain in Iraan. And of course, we are always missing Kyle's mom. Wish so much she could be here, too.

We went to church and cooked lunch afterwards at Brandi's house. We had burgers and lots yummy sides with it. Kyle even bought me a red velvet cake-it's one of my favs!

When I woke up on Sunday morning, the kids had breakfast ready. I had a bagel and strawberries & blueberries. It was very yummy. They were really excited to serve me breakfast. I opened the most precious handmade cards and notes from them. They are priceless. I have a picture with Kyle but I don't like the way I look in it. And since it's a Mother's Day post, I reserve the right to leave out the pics I don't like. Sorry, Babe-you looked really cute in the pic, though.

Brandi and Campbell-Kyle picked out a cute flower pot for her and the kids took her a card. Brandi got me a cool necklace that has all my kids names on it in different colored rectangles. Super cute. Mom got me a really neat set of colored knives that match great with my Fiestaware. I looovvve to get kitchen stuff.

Finley picked out these flowers for me. I also got a Flaunt bag, some new cannisters, and I might have even received a gift card to the Wood House Day Spa. It is a marvelous little place. Yes, I felt like it was Christmas! Kyle really goes all out on Mother's Day. He and the kids make a really big deal! They are always so excited and run around like everything is a big secret the day before. He even took all the kids with him to the grocery store. Brave man.

The kiddos at the kiddie table.

This is what we gave Cita for her Mother's Day gift.

I got the idea off of Pinterest and made the entire thing myself-even the rosettes! I painted the big square and sanded it. It was an extra piece from some shelves I am working on for Slade's room. The photo frame I sprayed white and put velcro on the back so she can pull it of and change out her photos. I've never made rosettes before-took some practice. The cream and red ones are made from burlap. I didn't know burlap came in colors. I was really proud of my craft, if you can't tell! I can't wait to make myself a couple of frames!

Thank you to my sweet family for making my day special!!! Being a mom is the best blessing!!!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Mother's Day Tea

I was invited to the best Mother's Day Tea ever! 

This chick had a very special day planned for me. Her class hosted a tea for the moms. It was perfect!

The tables were decorated so pretty. There was a frame with our photo, a handmade placemat, my favorite candy (Twix), chocolate covered strawberries, and a gift. It was a hand painted plate that Finley made me when she went on a Dad's only fieldtrip to an art place. It has been the best kept secret for months!

The kids even helped make the white chocolate bowls that the strawberries sat in!

Finley and Mom
 We had a fight the night before about what she was going to wear. I won(this time). The thought of her teenage years is scaring me. I just block it out. When she's fifteen, I will just think back to when she made me the sweetest Mother's Day plate and smile.

Finley served me cucumber sandwiches, cookies, and yummy tea. 

It was most excellent! I've never felt so honored!!!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

One of those days

Sometimes, you just have a rough day..............When I found this on my camera as I was loading photos onto my iphoto, I just couldn't pass it up! I love this pic! I have no idea what he was eating. Looks suspiciously like ketchup?

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Life in Progress.......

Pardon this terrible iphone photo.........Anyways, we've been trying some new hair-do's around here. Finley & I liked this double bun twist thingy-it looks especially cute on her when she goes to dance! I found the little flowers here in town for about $2 per flower! I think I should go back and buy every color! And speaking of dance, I attended a 2 hour dance meeting on Friday night getting ready for the big recital in June!  Her recital will be held at a different venue for the first time in over 30 years of the Dance Gallery, so it all will be new. And this being my third recital, I was just getting the hang of it! Ha! I just love her recitals and can't wait for the best rendition of Barnyard Boogie that has ever been performed!!!

And can I just say that we have been busy bees around here, hence the sporadic blog posts! My dad had a hip replacement last Monday here in Lubbock. He's doing great and my parents are staying with my sister till the end of next week. That has been a special treat for the kids, having them around. We've had teacher luncheons, field trips, basketball parties, meetings, errands, and just about everything else in between going on! I've painted my living room-it's a work in progress. One of my friends had a new baby that was in NICU for two weeks, but is finally home! Yay! Welcome, Baby Ellis! I actually got to see three movies in the last two weeks, one being a date night with Kyle! Which is very rare! And I could go on and on! Just gotta love May! And best of all, the Lord blessed us with some rain last weekend! I've never been so happy to see my back porch fill up! Please send more, without the hail next time, though!!! Although we will take moisture in any form!!! I hope everyone has a happy week!!!