Saturday, January 10, 2009

I See Blue

This was definitely the week for boys. Starting on Monday, one of Kyle's cousins in Denver had a baby boy. My best friend, Shauna, went to her 19 week checkup and she is expecting a boy (they had told her previously that they thought it was a girl). On Thursday, my wonderful friend and monkey bathroom artist went to her twenty week sonogram and yep, it's a boy! On Friday, Kyle's brother and wife had a baby boy in Abilene. His name is Jake Coleman. Can anyone see a pattern here?????? Congrats to all and happy Saturday!


Jennifer-Colley said...

Thanks girl! You are so sweet for your comment!

The Boyd Gang said...

Maybe I can catch the boy wave when we start trying again. It would be my luck that the girl wave begins again when we have anohter one!