Friday, January 24, 2014

Happy 11th Birthday, Slade Smart

My boy turned ELEVEN on January 17th! It was one of the craziest, most wonderful days of my life eleven years ago when this dude made me a mom. I can remember it like it was yesterday. It's hard to imagine how fast 11 years fly by.

So Friday morning, he woke up to birthday balloons, of course!!! He told me he laid there an hour after I put the balloons on him, waiting till 6:40am to wake up. He said it was miserable with balloons all over him. Um, maybe miserable was a little harsh, son. Haha!!! I sure hate that I made him "miserable" on his birthday. Oh, I guess that is paybacks for my one ugly stretch mark he left me.......I still love him.

He picked his usual birthday breakfast, Chick-Fil-A chicken biscuit, delivered by dad.

The night before I did a small amount to birthday decorating. Yay!

And hung streamers from his fan. I love streamers-they remind me of decorating the floats in Iraan during homecoming. I paid homage to the Braves with the red & black, I guess. I remember when streamers and Hawaiian punch in a big can at the Iraan Park was a pretty fabulous birthday!!!

After school, Slade opened presents and we had birthday cake!

Wax kept melting all over the cake icing.

He picked a chocolate cake from Nothing Bundt Cake. Yum!

 Lots of help with his gifts, as you see!

 A boy and his brand new Nike football-perfect day!

They were there for the cake.

That night, we went to dinner with Big Dad, Cita, Nana, and Brandi's family. We ate at Cagle's Steaks and celebrated Slade and Campbell's big day. And I must note that the only two people at the table that didn't order steaks were Slade and Campbell??? Weirdos.

Slade and Nana with his traditional homemade chocolate cake by Nana. Um, my kid is bigger than my grandma. Sighhhhhhhh. I love that the ones on the cake don't match. I'm fairly certain that Nana has never thrown away a candle. That rainbow one could very well be from my teenage years-who knows?!?

The birthday cousins with Nana!

Some of the gang......Big Dad, Fin, Gunnar, B, Campbell, Slade

We continued to party into the weekend. On Saturday night, Slade had a slumber party at our house with five of his friends. They came at 6:30 that night, had pizza, and then we went to this fun place called Adrenaline City. Basically an 11 year olds heaven-trampolines, dodge ball, laser tag, climbing, etc.

Slade's friend, Ben, gave him $20. It came in this gummie box with a tab to pull. Inside, twenty dollar bills were rolled up. It was so neat and crafty!!! Slade had to pull out the money so Gunnar could eat Slade's birthday candy.

Here are the boys waiting in line for dodge ball. I think they played dodge ball 15 times. I foolishly thought that this would wear out the boys. About three of them stayed up the entire night. Apparently, 4 hrs at a gym doesn't make a dent in the energy department.

And this is what happens when you are 3 and your 11 year old brother has a party on Saturday night. Gunnar was still going strong at 10:00pm!!! He jumped on the trampolines for an hour. Finley went with Campbell to her dress up party since it was at the same time. What a weekend!!!

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Monday, January 13, 2014

Ranch Christmas 2013

We spent several days at the ranch before Christmas. We took off Thursday after Gunnar had his party at school. 

 Gunnar-3, Campbell-5, Finley-7, Slade-10

 Cita worked hard and cooked up some snacks!

 Some of Gunnar's gifts......race car tower, Mike the Knight castle, huge puzzle

 Some of Slade's jersey, Lego set, Academy gift card

 Oh, and a bounce ball for G!!!

Some of Finley's gifts.....Calico Critter House & pieces, gel paint, Origami Owl necklace

 We love our Cita!

Kyle and I walked to the top of the hill behind the house.

Popcorn & old VHS movies......perfect Christmas fun!!!

Monday, January 6, 2014

Christmas Parties

 Christmas lunch with Slade. My last official lunch with him in elementary school....sniff sniff. I can go anytime until May, but it's not really cool for mom to come eat with a fifth grader. I enjoyed sitting there, looking at all the parents and kids that we've seen every school day for six years. It just funny how life just flies by! I did get a little sappy. Slade has an awesome grade with awesome kids that have mostly been together since Kindergarten. We have been truly blessed. I love this whole group and school. We've had some good, good years.

 Gunnar helping me tint the icing green for the party.

 We took an afternoon to do a special day at Finley's art school. The boys came along and decorated some special things for the holidays.

 Gunnar loved painting. What kid doesn't love painting!

 Polar Express pajama day at Sugar & Spice Preschool.

Gunnar's class exchanged books during his party. We brought bananas and cheese-the healthy snack. I am realizing that since I'm the room mom for Finley's room and the 5th grade & 1st grade liaison, I have no pics from their parties because I basically ran back and forth between their classrooms like a maniac. I won't go into what a liaison is, but it is a bunch of work basically. I worked my buns off coordinating two parties, calling parents, etc. Yes, I was exhausted when the parties were over!!!