Sunday, February 27, 2011

Just Cry........

We have been having a really hard time at night putting ourself to sleep. Let him cry and he will learn to put himself to sleep they all told me.

Yep, not working out so well for us..................

Thursday, February 24, 2011


It's time, once again, for favorite products. Have I mentioned my love for people blogging their fav products. Love it so much. Plus the pics always load quickly and that makes me happy, as opposed to my Nikon pics. Here are some favs in no particular order......................

This is sugar free. This is only 60 cals. This is yum, yum, and more yum. Need I say more? The caramel flavor is awesome, too.

This is the best baby gift ever. Portable cereal spoon. You put the cereal or baby food in the bottom, put on the lid, and throw it in the bag. And some genius thought to put a little hole in the spoon so you can squeeze the cereal directly on the spoon part from the storage part. No need for a bowl or mess. Genius, I declare! This is a Munchkin brand from BabiesRUs. I will be using this baby soon. We are always on the go. Why, O, Why didn't I think of this???

TGI Rockaholic Dirty Secret Dry Shampoo. The best dry shampoo ever. And it totally covers your roots if you have blonde hair and need a trip to the salon but haven't had time yet. I would drink it if I though it wouldn't damage my stomach, kidneys, and liver. Good stuff.

Sanuk shoes. Most comfortable shoes aside from my Uggs and Yellowbox. Your feet are on little yoga mat clouds. And......they make flip flops, too. Oh JOY!!!

Salt-Water Sandals from Hoy. The most precious children's sandals. They come in a few different designs and an array of colors. I love them and they wash off so easily. I recommend the silver, hot pink, and red.

I have a lipgloss addiction problem. I need lipgloss AA. I love this gloss a whole bunch. Buxom lip pump lip gloss. I get it from Sephora and I believe my fav shade is Dolly. It's kinda tingly and not too sticky. And it's shiny with tiny flakes of something. I love it.

I told you I have an issue. I would only have lipgloss in my purse if possible. I dearly love the American Beauty Fabulous Feel gloss in the shade poppy from Kohl's. It isn't sticky at all and the color poppy is truly the perfect shade. I also love Kohl's, but that's another story in itself. I can walk around that store for hours. Great gloss this store has.

Can I just tell you that Sabra Roasted Pine Nut Hummus and a bag of Stacy's pita chips is all you really need for a meal. Dadgumit, it's good stuff. Try hummus if you never have. You might love it. Try them! Try them! You will see! Green eggs and ham taste good to me! Sorry, I just had to say that. But really, you should try it.

And Mary Kay just came out with this new cream eye shadow. You can put it on with a brush but I think I'm liking my finger. It dabs on quite nicely and stays. I'm lovin' bleach blonde and iced cocoa.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Monday....Blah Blah Blah

After a most wonderful Rodeo weekend, I was quickly jerked back into reality today. So much for the fun weekend. First of all, the water is just not getting really hot at my house at certain times. We came to the conclusion this morning (I've thought so for about four months now) that our hot water heater is starting to go out. It's working on messing up I'm afraid. Super.

Secondly, last week Finley jumped off the bed into a bunch of pillows aka horsing around with her big brother and fell on her arm that she broke this past summer. She has complained about it every day since last week and wanted an ice pack on it last night. Hmmm. I was thinking maybe I should get it looked at so I called the ped this morning at 8:30 and the nurse said to come at 9:15. So Fin, G, and myself threw on clothes, got bottles, combed hair, and jumped in the car. I met Kyle at 7-11 and left G with him and made it to the doc about five minutes late. Only to wait an hour to see Dr. Steve and then another hour at the xray lab. In the meantime, realizing that Finley had a little girl get-together this morning at 11:30. I only remembered this bc my neighbor called and reminded me. So we raced home and dropped Fin off and I traded, well just took G from Kyle.

Thirdly, as Kyle walked out of the house after bringing G home, he went to the garage refrigerator to grab a Dr. Pepper. He started yelling, asking who unplugged the fridge. Um, nobody. Yes, it was out and all the food was hot. Super. So I cleaned all the food out of it along with the lovely thawed out, disgusting shrimp drippings. Gag! Clorox Clean-Up, Clorox Clean-Up.

Fourthly, my micorwave is trying to go out as well and has been warming things when it feels like it. New water heater. New Fridge, or not. New microwave-which has to be installed above the stove. I better zip it before the washer goes out. Knock on wood right this moment.

And Fifthly, my baby doesn't nap. He has been alive maybe 115 days and has decided that he might miss something. So, I can tell you that I did cry once today. Ok, twice I teared up and had one ugly cry. I am at the present reading The Baby Whisperer on my kindle. Please, Baby Lady English Lady Whisperer, whisper something in my ear tonight about making G take a nap. I beg you. I still have 180 loads of washing to do, including three loads of pee sheets and another suitcase to unpack, pics to frame, the grocery store, a printer to set up, some bills to pay, and a partridge and a pear tree to assemble. I cried when Kyle came home out of sheer happiness just because he can hold G. And yell at the other two. They mind him better anyways. I love my husband. I love my husband. I reallllllllyyyyyy love my husband.

So I will cheer myself up by going and sitting in the shower with A. Hot water-knock on wood B. Sugar scrub, face scrub, and a brand spanking new razor and C.Johnson's baby oil gel and also will post these pics because they will make me smile. Because I love................................

This hand, attached to the non-sleeping baby

These cheeks, attached to the baby about to be Baby Whispered

This duo of fighting like alley cats and jumping into pillows that injure old broken arms, kids

This brat-on-a-stick, cute hair girl

Oh, and this too. Just because this white sweater and crazy hair make me smile. And wish I was British. And had the power to read minds. Sighhhhh, what a day. And how was your Monday?
P.S. Beth, if you are out there, please call and say Earmuffs. Please. Just to cheer me up. : )

Sunday, February 20, 2011


We just got back from a fabulously fun weekend at the San Angelo Rodeo! Darn it, we had a blast! We checked Slade out of school at noon on Thursday and skipped town as fast as we could. Kyle was able to go with us this year(this is our third year to take the kiddos) and thank goodness, because we looked like we packed everything but the kitchen sink, thank you, baby Gunnar! Boy, did I forget how much paraphernalia you have bring with an infant. Swing, check. Nap Nanny, check! Bottles, bottles, bottles, check-check. Pink boots, check!

What do you get to match these beautymous pink boots Finley picked out?!? Big Dad bought the gals boots. Not me, just the little gals. I have one word for these boots....SNAZZZZZZY!!!

We went to the park, a fab toy store, went to the carnival, the rodeo, and had a really fun time running down the hall at the hotel-the kids ran, not me. Ha!!!

This girl could swing. All. Day. Long. And then some!

And yes, Brandi, Cita, and myself all went down the slide, too.

What are they watching, you ask??? Could it be Urban Cowboy? You'll see in a minute.

Somebody doesn't love their stroller. Yet.

She does like to jump.

And likes to jump, HIGH!

Not Urban Cowboy or Drugstore Cowboy or Ty Murray. Just Slade, riding a bull, in his tennis shoes, hehe!!!

And his Tech shirt. Who needs pearl snaps when you have a Tech shirt, right!?!

And of course, there were no pics of me since I take all the pics, so Kyle took one last night of me feeding G nor did I get one of my dad or Brandi. And let's not forget the things I learned at the rodeo..........
1. Cotton candy still tastes just as good as it did when I was nine.
2. You never run out of hot water in the hotel.
3. Spinning around 500 times will make you queasy.
4. You will see someone you know at the rodeo. Actually lots of people.
5. The smell of goats, horses, manure, and fresh dirt bring back memories of my childhood. I wonder what happened to my blue jean fabric boots and Brandi's turquoise Ropers?

Sunday, February 13, 2011


Public Service Announcement: If you look at the following pics, you might spontaneously combust from all the cuteness. Look at your own risk!!!

Gunnar's 3 Month Photos. Can't say I didn't warn ya...................

Park Day

One Saturday at the park with Cita!!!