Thursday, September 30, 2010

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Twinkle Toes

They finally arrived. Everyone has them-they are the latest rage with the four year old girls here!

And someone I know was very happy to finally get hers. Now, if only she could tie her shoes.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Sugar & Spice

Finley started Sugar & Spice preschool the week after Labor Day. She has the same teacher Slade had, Ms. Dana, so we are very excited about it!!! We love Ms. Dana and she has taught for a long time, so she knows the ropes. Finley absolutely loves it and walked in and told us goodbye the very first day. She is very social and loves to play with other kids-she likes to be doing something at all times, little busy body!!! She goes the same times as last year, Tues/Thurs, from 9-2:30. Works out great and gives me time to run errands, help Kyle if I need to, and schedule doctor appointments.

One of the sweetest things Finley does with Kyle is when he walks in the door, she runs up to him and says, "We forgot!" That means that they have to hug and kiss each other. It's so cute.

This child wears me out daily, but I couldn't love her more. She has a mind of her own, knows what wants, and let's you know it! I'm so lucky I have a girl to do all my girl things with. And she's all girl, alright. I just can't stand to think that she will be in school next year. I just try to block it out. She has been not wanting to wear her piggy tails anymore and it makes me so sad. I think they have become her trademark. If only we could freeze time!!!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Love Him......

I love this kid-even to last the drop of sweat running down his little nose!

Friday, September 17, 2010

September Bday!

September is a very special month. Lots of great people were born in September. It's a really good month to celebrate-football games, fall is in the air-well, it's trying to be in the air, pumpkin bread, you can burn your pumpkin spice candles and put away the coconut ones from summer, and fall clothes cover more of you body which is fabulous-especially when your eight months pregnant. But today is even more special because it's Mrs. Cullen's birthday!

Happy 23rd birthday, Mrs. Cullen, ok-it's Mrs. Drake, but Happy Birthday, Doll! To the bestest non-stupid shiny silver Volvo owner I know! And just like a Cullen, you will never be a day older than 23 in my eyes.

And if I could, I would have got you this. But you'll have to settle for the next best thing-a cake, presents, and getting to watch the Raiders upset your husband! Luv ya and can't wait to see you!

Dear Red Raiders,
Please, please, please, please, please, please, please, pretty please with a cherry on top, please beat the Longhorns tomorrow. I will have to be around many Longhorn friends and I just can't take the stress if you do not win. But no pressure. Surely the visit to Lubbock by Rob was a good omen.
Smarty Pants

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Purely Distraught

Well, girls, you could say that basically, I missed the boat on Monday night. Yes, it's truly a travesty. Just sad really.

This came to town. And I missed it. I have no words. The chances of him actually coming to Lubbock, Texas are a bit like winning the lotto or getting struck by lightening. But it happened. And where was I? Laying around the house enjoying Labor Day. Can I really call myself the ultimate fan when I didn't even know his whereabouts? Perhaps not. Disgraceful. But in all fairness, out of all the stars in Hollywood and all the places in the world, seriously, him and two friends are road tripping it and they pull into the Hub City. And go to a bar right of Tech campus and sit there from 5pm till 2am hanging out. I mean, this just doesn't happen. Not here.

I missed it and all I can console myself with is the fact that he didn't look like this. He looked like a hobo(in Natalie's words). Grizzly Adams beard and all. Probably trying to look not like Edward Cullen and blend into the crowd. He actually looked so hairy and hoboish, that I didn't want to post the picture. The photo that made our local news. So I will go on, loving him and all things Twilight. And living with the hope that someday, I will catch a glimpse of him, with my own two eyes. And will totally block out the realization that he was within a five freakin' mile radius of me and I didn't know it. I'm certain that one day, he will be back in Lubbock. Looking beardy and hoboish, and I can snap a photo with my own camera. And if your wondering if I would have gone downtown at midnight and stood outside with my camera, eight months pregnant and three weeks shy of turning 33? Yes, girls, yes I would. Was there ever really a doubt?

Monday, September 6, 2010

A Word to the Wise....

White is probably not the #1 choice for a seven year old boy. Or at least my seven year old.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Hot Mama

Finley went outside to play. I went out a little bit later and checked on her. I found her like this..........

Evidently she needed to cool off.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Happy Wednesday!

Finley: Loves to dress up, sing made-up songs with a microphone, and pick out her own clothes.

Slade: Loves football practice, football pads, and his football helmet.