Sunday, January 4, 2009

Just Call Me Forrest Gump

I did it. Hiatus over. Three miles, a wet head of hair, and 20 ounces of H2O later, I accomplished the amazing wonder that has been eluding me. I'm back at the gym. Take that, Christmas fudge, spinach dip, and sangria-you will sit no longer on my derrière!

No, I did not run across the U.S. three times in the same shoes, come up with the saying, "Have a Nice Day" or have a large group of followers like Forrest. But I did get quite sweaty!


Anonymous said...

Good job!!! I will try to help motivate you and myself as well!! Stick with it!!


Tracy said...

Yea for you! Making that 1st step to get back in the groove is the hardest!