Sunday, May 31, 2009

New Moon Mania

Just saw the New Moon movie trailer-I cannot believe we have to wait for the fall!!!! If I knew how to load a video on here, I would. Anyone want to give me some pointers on that? I tried, but it kept telling me "error". Anyways, Twilight won ALL that it was nominated for tonight at the MTV Movie Awards (except song, but who cares about that bc Rob didn't sing it) and I am sooooo excited! Evidently I'm not the only nut out there that loves the saga! We TwiAddicts are not alone. The new movie looks so great and Edward is too pretty, little white handsome face and all. Can you tell I might be a tad bit excited?!?! Come on-jump on the magic vampire carpet with me! Read the books!

Friday, May 29, 2009

Memorial Day

This is a beautiful rainbow that came after an afternoon rain at the ranch. Hello Noah!

This is an attempt to pose all three grandkids for a photo in the awesome yellow daisies.

This is what Campbell did most of the time during the photo session. Kinda makes you want to humm "Life is a Highway......."

This is just a bit further away than the pic I posted yesterday-you can see the flowers went on forever.

This is what the ranch looks like when they've had some rain. It was soooo gorgeous!

This is Miss Priss posing on a rock during our little hike in the green "forest".

This is a pic of two gals playing in the dirt.

This is a green meadow that reminds me of where Edward and Bella went when he showed her his sparkling diamond skin. You didn't think I'd go a week without a Twilight comment, did you?

This is how I wished that the ranch always looked! I was intoxicating(I stole that word from Legends of the Fall-good word, right.)!

This is one of mom's pretty daffodils? Maybe, but then again, I'm not so good at flower names. But it looks like what a daffodil should look like in my head, ha!

This is just fun.

This is a grapevine leaf of a very, very old grapevine that my great grandmother planted in the yard at the ranch. She used to make grape jelly with the tiny grapes it grew. I wish I had some of her canned pickles!

This is Campbell wondering if she is truly enjoying this swing.

This is the Beeler bunch.

This is a purple bloom from a very spiky looking plant growing in Edward and Bella's meadow, oh I mean the ranch meadow.

This is a bag of huge grubs that dad found in a bag of potting soil. No, the grubs did not help the plants. Grubs are bad. Have you ever seen grubs that big? Me neither.

And this is a yellow cactus bloom. They remind me of the real "yellow rose of Texas". We have lots of cactus at the ranch. Have you ever had prickly pear jelly? Have you ever played Texas Bingo?Have you ever stepped in a manure pile? Have you ever swam in water tank with a windmill attached? Have you ever fed a baby goat from an old cola bottle? Have you ever caught a tadpole in the creek? Have you ever watched your dad cut the belly of a rattlesnake open? Then you must not be a ranch girl.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Flower Field

"Enjoy the little things in life for one day you will look back and realize they were the big things."

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Does anyone know where the Pioneer Woman lives? I've read through some of the blogs but can never determine where the ranch is?

A Loss

While we were away in Iraan this weekend, Kyle called to tell us that his Mamaw had passed away Sunday morning. For those that know Kyle, it's his dad's mother, Ethel Smart, and she had been ill with lukemia the past two years. She passed away Sunday morning and the funeral will be on Wednesday. Kyle has lots of his family in from everywhere and it will be a busy week.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

One Crazy Week!

Wow, what a week of craziness around here! Isn't May the busiest month ever? I'm thinking it might beat out December at some point. Between the school programs, sports, births, birthday parties, surgeries, dr. appointments, graduations, and anything else you might think of, we are nearing the end of a whirlwind of a month. It has been fun, well most days anyway! We are off to Iraan for Memorial Day, but I wanted to highlight the week before I left town.Slade's Kinder Award Program Day-Wednesday morning. They looked super cute, though Finley looks disturbed in this pic. Perhaps she searching for her crush, Jackson, in Slade's classroom. We are getting the vibe that she hearts older men!
Finley's preschool program-Thursday night. She is fourth from the left. She sang "Where Has My Little Dog Gone" with all the correct movements. I got great video of this. She brought the little dog home from around her neck and said it was "a beautiful dog". I'm thinking American Idol 2021. Notice that I forgot my zoom lens that I bought specifically for situations such as this-bummer.

Slade and sweet Mrs. Hendrix-oh my, how we will miss you!!! You have made this a most wonderful year that Slade will never forget. I'm getting choked up thinking about it. We love you, Mrs. Hendrix. Thank you for loving my baby-blurts, rats, loose teeth and all! He loves school because of you. Special people like you make life memorable!

Just plain exhausted after having her adenoids removed. She resorted to falling asleep on the floor in her bedroom.

Asleep with wiki sticks and all. Who cleaned them up? Mom, of course. I gave her a break that day.

And well, I told you it was a busy week. I did it. I finally bit the bullet. I cried my eyes out.

I cried so much that it was hard to vacuum. I even put things away in a Rubbermaid bin to store in the attic.

The crib is MIA. No more. Nada. Put away. I feel sick about it. Funny story about this situation. Finley helped me do it by handing me the tools. She was super excited. Then when night came around, she was totally shocked that the crib was gone. "Who did it?" "Put my crib back up!" she sobbed (for thirty minutes). It was like a knife in my heart. I was having second thoughts, but we pulled through and each night has gotten a bit better. I still have hope that it was the right thing to do. Yes, you can leave me a note of encouragement if you feel so inclined to do so.

And my friend, Shauna, delivered #3 via csection today! So much excitement I tell you! Notice Nick's face. It's starting to sink in that something is about to happen!!!

Mr. Owen Neal Youngblood. 8lbs. 3oz. 21inches with the cutest chubby cheeks and fuzzy reddish brown hair.

He is super cute and squishy looking. I wanted to eat him up! I cannot wait to hold him next week when I get back. The tradition is for me to bring Shauna and myself the fruited chicken salad from United with little bread rounds to scoop the chicken up with. It's sooo yummy. I've done this after each baby!
I told you this was a fast and furious week. I also went to the eye doctor, Finley puked in Dr. Potocki's waiting room on Monday(this is a whole other blog in itself), had carpets cleaned, bought graduation and teacher gifts, and cooked some yummy recipes from scratch! Is it just me or is everyone ready to be poolside, beach chair and towel, a fruity drink with a pink umbrella in your hand, with the smell of Banana Boat SPF 30 lingering? Yeah, I thought so.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

My Pixie Girl

Just for my memory........Finley calls the television remote a "marote". She's just that darn cute!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

AAWWW, So Sweet

Look what was delivered to my door the Friday before Mother's Day! Even had peachy roses-my favorite!!!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Glad That's Done!!!

We are home from Finley's surgery (11:50) and she is doing well. The doc was back out in twenty minutes to talk to us. She really didn't cry all that much afterwards and was fine when they took her. She did so much better that I expected. She has very clean wax-free ears, shrunken turbinates???, clean sinuses, and no adenoids to speak about. Hope this helps her problems. She is just grumpy and sleepy and of course puked when she got home. Thank you for all the prayers. We just need some sleep now!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Circus Continued.......

We enjoyed a night a few weeks ago at the Ringling Bros. Circus. It was my first time to go to an official or might I say legitimate circus. Unlike the small town ones where I'm almost positive some animal cruelty was involved. Scary bunch of folks they were. Anywhoo, this was AWESOME! I'm not sure who enjoyed it more.....Me or Me?!? We had great seats right in the middle. Thank you select-a-seat diagram. We saw lots of interesting things........................

Finley was really good, but had to walk up and down the aisle many times. She's two-to be expected I suppose.

This Finale-I should have posted it last. These guys are very talented-and limber.

The funny clown man (no one really had a red nose, so don't have a nightmare, Pam) who hilariously rode many bikes. The best was a tiny bike about the size of a cat-it was tiny, but he rode it.

Oh yes, and let's not forget the $10 cotton candy. I even brought it home to finish up and get our money's worth. Money's worth of cavities!!!

Gotta love the elephants. They sat on the little stools, too. Fancy bejeweled headpieces. Very blingyish.

Cool dude that walked all over this circle thing while it turned and did lots of dangerous things. I was nervous!

Always the wise guy! The nose even blinked. He's such a cute boy!

The Mary Lou Retton's of the circus!!! No cotton candy for them.

Super neat white tigers (I'm sure they have an official scientific name which I cannot recall at the moment).
It was really fun, so glad we went-but it wasn't cheap. They get ya with the snacks and toys. Smart folks those circus people.
And let me welcome baby Logan Wells who was just born tonight during this blog entry. I was just text-ted that he arrived tonight-late tonight. Mom has been there since last night, so he will always owe her big time!!!! Bless her heart! 6.4 and 20.5 inches. Congrats. I bet mommy is exhausted!!! God is Good!!!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


This was our trip to the REAL circus! Just had to post the cute pic today, but more to come later!!!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Twas the Night.........

(Sorry-the spacing would absolutely not cooperate here, ugggg!)
Twas the night before Mother's Day, and all through the house
Just one creature was stirring, but it wasn't the mouse.
The soccer socks were hung over the brown kitchen chair
In hopes that he might find them so to the game he could wear.
The children were nestled all snug in the beds
On the same sheets that were puked only minutes after being fed
Though poor mom had to wash them, using Dawn and the tap
She was secretly happy that it was on the sheets, not her lap.
Just starting to pay bills, there arose such a clatter
Mom jumped over laundry, shoes, and backpacks to see what was the matter!
Into the laundry room she ran like a flash
The wet towels were off balance, that darn machine she could just bash!
Slade needed money in his backpack, Max's water was low
Finley had cut a million pieces of paper that covered the floor like fresh fallen snow.
When what to mom's wondering eyes should appear
Kyle's ink pen left in the laundry was her immediate fear.
After bleaching and throwing away ink stained clothes, Mom wasn't merry
But she soon remembered that Slade was expecting a visit from the tooth fairy.
Looking through wallets, drawers, piggy banks and such
Mom stashed the loot under his pillow without moving it much!
Loading the dishwasher, checking the mail
Wondering when exactly her boobs finally fell?
She needed to wash the makeup off of her tired face
Her night just beginning, feeling like she was running a race.
Lots to do tomorrow-music class, soccer, getting to the gym
Hoping she might exercise the cellulite off her limb.
Looking for recipes in hopes of cooking tomorrow night
But secretly wishing McDonalds nutrition was healthy and right.
She spoke not a word, but kept doing her chores
As the rest of the family dreamed happily with snores
Mom needs no recognition, not a paycheck with money
Just every now and then, some flowers and to be called "honey"
Mom sometime feels overwhelmed, crabby and mad
And the never-ending work makes her sometimes sad
She hopes she's taught her kids well, loved them enough
The parts that come with being a mom are sometimes rough.
But she walked into her room, where all three had snuck into the same bed
They were snuggled together, blankets pulled high, only showing their heads
Mom's heart swelled with pride as she saw this sweet sight
Happy Mother's Day to all, and to all a good night!

I'm stealing this sweet little idea from my friend at Over the Hedge. I thought it was appropriate for today. In honor of the best Mom I know..............

My Mom is the one who rushed into the hospital right after I had my first child by cesarean and asked about me first.

My Mom is the one that listens to me gripe about all my ailments, life's woes, and problems and never acts like she doesn't want to hear it.

My Mom is the one who will leave you $20-just to make your grocery store trip a little easier.

My Mom is the one who has kept all my ceramic art pieces and still proudly displays each one as if was a Picasso.

My Mom is the one who saved all my dance costumes just in case she had a granddaughter one day that would like to play dress-up in them.

My Mom is the one who sat up all night with my five day old newborn and held the little goggles on his eyes when he was under the Bilirubin lights for jaundice and I was too tired.

My Mom is the one that has been there for me through prom dresses, doctors, birthday parties, pink jean jackets, dorm rooms, weddings, vacations, paint jobs, throw-up, school programs, recitals, egg hunts, pageants, pompoms, wisdom teeth, camps, blood, sweat, and many tears.

Thanks, Mom! I couldn't have done it without you, nor would I have wanted to. Have a good one! I hope everyone reading this has either loved, known, been, or will become a MOM!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The Word for Wednesday

Just a cute pic of the cousins during Sunday lunch. Campbell thought she was hot stuff as I let her sit at the big kid table. Finley thought she needed to feed her as if she was her mother. She would break of minuscule pieces to put in her mouth. And Slade, well Slade is starting to pose with goofy faces in our pics. I had him trained so well for six years?!? What happened?

Newsworthy Tidbits:

1. Finley went to the ENT and will have her adenoids removed next Friday, the 15th. Pray. I'm a nervous wreck. I got to request an anesthesiologist that my family likes, so that makes me feel a bit better. She will also have a sinus wash, ear wax cleaning, and something that has to do with making the "turbines" in her nose smaller so she can breathe better (this being hard to describe in layman's terms).

2. Finley is now running 101 fever, as of 7pm tonight. Go figure? I hope this adenoid removal works for her. Doc didn't catch the fever today, but neither did I. This afternoon she kept telling me she was cold. I told her to run around and she would get hot. (Not my shining moment as mother of the year. I was a little slow on the fever catch today. Sorry Fin!)

3. Adenoid is now being spelled correctly in my blog. I looked it up. I've been spelling it wrong my whole life. Good to know.

4. My wonderful friend, Beth, will officially deliver on May 13th. She got the word today. I'm super jazzed! Can't wait to see Logan Anthony!!!!!! I love having a friend join Miss Finley with a lucky 13 bday!!!

5. I just worked on the coolest Mother's Day gift for my mom tonight. It's way cute and I can't wait to talk about it. It involves the computer-that is a big thing for me. I no habla computers.

6. Just if you were wondering, I didn't see a silver Volvo with Edward inside today. Nuts.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

And Today Makes 5!

Tonight the Smart household will receive a visit from the Tooth Fairy. It's her fifth time to visit.
He's really starting to look like a boy. An older boy. It's just so strange. When does life just fly by? Where was I when it did? Sniff, sniff. Good for him. Sad for mom.
To Slade: I'm so glad you've grown up to be a wonderful boy! You have many more exciting nights left for the Tooth Fairy to visit.
To myself: I'm so glad that I've watched him grow up happy and healthy, but it tears my heart out when I see how old he is now. He has big kid front teeth, for goodness sakes!
To my Mom: I'm sorry I grew up so fast. I bet it tore at your heart, too. I never knew that your children could make your heart ache so much.