Sunday, January 25, 2009

A Visit from the Cold Bug

I thought I was maybe having an allergy attack when the cold front started to blow in on Friday, but no such luck. I guess I have come down with a little cold-we'll actually the kids are slightly puny, as well. My nose is pouring, scratchy throat, ears hurt, eyes burning, neck hurts, and I have a big fat headache. No Advil, though, so it's Tylenol for now. Finley's nose has been running gunky all week and we've been sleeping under the cool mist humidifier to maybe help. Slade is coughing his head off at night. Kyle brought them both Mucinex last night when he got home and I took some of Finley's this morning. Needlesstosay, we didn't make it to church this morning. When I got up to finally take a bath this morning, Slade and I were still in the same pajamas we had put on Friday afternoon. I didn't leave the house yesterday or put in my contacts. I got a wave of energy last night and cleaned some things out of Finley's closet, but it soon passed, and I have clothes in stacks sitting on her floor. I went to bed with my head hurting and feeling the urge to cough. I did get to watch a few movies as we laid around yesterday. I had not seen You've Got Mail in years. I think my friend, Pam, loves that movie. Meg Ryan has to close the sweetest little bookstore-it's such a neat little shop. I have The Firm recorded on DVD and the end of Castaway for my viewing pleasure today. I have a feeling this is another pajama day.

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Jerilynn said...

feel better soon!Take Mucinex faithfully from the minute you feel it coming on until you are better - it is the BOMB!