Saturday, March 27, 2010


Just not a sight you see every day.

The kids quite enjoyed their camel ride at the San Angelo Rodeo.

Just another day in West Texas.

Monday, March 22, 2010

It Could Happen...

Heisman Hopeful? Anything is possible....

Friday, March 19, 2010


Big Smile! Oh, girl, you make me smile.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Cool Pics

I've just been playing around with my camera. I have figured out it does some pretty neat things!

You can take this and make it look like.......

This! It's a cool drawing. Slade love this feature.

And unbeknownst to me, you can make color turn to......

Black/white on the camera-before you even mess with Photoshop. Pretty cool. The more I mess with this handy device, the more things I discover. I really need to take a class. I'm kinda a "hands-on" learner. So you might be seeing more and more photos of different features that I learn-whether you want to or not!!!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

"And in the end, it's not the years in your life that count. It's the life in your years."
~ Abraham Lincoln

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Great Read

I just finished reading this.....

And it was excellent! It's about a young man who looses his parents and ends up joining the circus in the 1930's. I've always found circus people to be a bit peculiar, and after reading this, I do believe it's true. The young man narrates the story throughout the book years later when he is in the nursing home. It was such a good book. You know, now that I'm venturing out with different authors and all, i feel that I'm such a seasoned reader now! LOL! And now I must admit, the kinda real reason why I chose this book. Word in the blog world is that Reece Witherspoon-one of my favorite actresses and Robert Pattinson, gasp! aka Edward has signed on to do Water for Elephants as a movie next year!!!! So, my loyalty to Robward made me chose the book, but I actually ended up loving it and now cannot wait till it will be turned in to a real movie. If you like to read, add this one to your list.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Goodbye, Friend

Today the world lost a precious husband...

A daddy that loved his sweet girls...

A good friend, teacher, and true Christian man. Everyone who knew Randy, loved him. He was just a really good guy. The world won't be the same without him. He will be missed.
I hope you stop and take the time to tell the ones you love how much they mean to you. Kiss your kids one more time, hug your husband when you see him, and pick up the phone and tell your mom you love her.The things that seem so important really are just trivial. The people in your life are what count. Every single day we are given is a gift.

Monday, March 8, 2010

La Chic Shelf

How can I be excited about a mere shelf you ask? Well, this particular shelf is a victim of my latest craft. And small, strange things seem to excite me. I'm a stay at home mom-give me a break. A new tub of Bath-and-Body Mint Salt Scrub excites me. What can I say. Anywhoo, this is the brown, as I like to call it, poop shelf. I rescued it from Goodwill. It was 6 bucks, had a really bad streaky paint job, and was in desperate need of a clean rag drenched with Mr. Clean. And even though, it had ugly little wooden pegs, I saw it's potential. Well, at least I think I did. Sometimes I just wing it. Either way, I bought it and off we went. This shelf seemed special because it had "tri" use properties. It is a shelf, four little curio box holes, and pegs. It has three jobs. And poop shelf looked like this. (sorry it is so small-it came off of an email and that's all I had of the "before" shelf.) She wasn't a pretty site. But like they say, she had good bones. Someone had been mean to her. She had no bling. She didn't feel very womanly. I had to fix that. And I think I did.

Drum roll please......

More drums..........

A little more drums..........

And Viola!

And now I like to call her La Chic Shelf! Seriously, can you believe that is the same shelf??? Me neither. Like, it's super cute!!! I love it. I sprayed paint it black several times. Then I decoupaged some cute paper-including some really cute Valentine vintage paper. I love vintage paper and fabric. And the knobs. I can't tell you enough how much I love the knobs. I waited many weeks for those little suckers to go on sale half-off at Hobby Lobby.

Here's the sweet paper. The little skunk says, "Be Mine". (Heather, please don't try to scratch and sniff the skunk on your screen.) Heather likes skunk smell. That's how she rolls.

And my cute little decorative knobs. The knobs to this shelf are like Nestle semi-sweet chocolate morsels to my mom's chocolate chip cookies. Just wouldn't be the same without them.

My dad helped me put the knobs on, cut them off with some kind of saw in his shop so they would be flush with the back of the shelf. And then he Gorilla Glued them. He really loves Gorilla Glue. Now I do too. It's hereditary.

I did this shelf for about 15 bucks. I think I could sell it for a ton more. It just turned out so swell. I love it. I'm Queen of the Shelf. And might hold my little crown a few days more, while I bask in all of my shelf saving glory.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Valentine's Day Parties

It was really, really cold on the day of the kids' Valentine's Day parties.

It even snowed on some cactus. And yucca plants. Kinda ironic, this photo.

Bella needed her dog coat. It's not much bigger than a sock.

And Finley had her special Valentine outfit photo made with snow in the background. Daddy went to her party. Mom went to Slade's. They were at the exact same time.

Slade had to wear his hooded Tech sweatshirt it was so chilly. He matched Mrs. Johnson. Also, it was really the only true red long sleeved shirt he had in his closet that morning.

There were lots of Valentine's to open.

And plenty of snacks.

Finley took Aunt Nori's cookies to her party. But her super organized mother forgot to send her Valentine's cards. They were sitting on the pantry shelf.

So she took them the next school day. I just forgot. Blame it on the snow.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

I Like This One

Don't put the key to your happiness in someone else's pocket. Keep it in yours. :)

Monday, March 1, 2010

Monday Shmunday

It's Monday and I'm in a funk. I have the major blahhhs. Too much sleep I tell you. If I would have stayed up and read till 1am last night instead of turning in at 9:45, I wouldn't be dragging. I have reverse sleep disorder tiredness or something. I'm sad for my sweet friend who's husband is very sick. LIFE ISN'T FAIR should be stamped across our birth certificates. It's always the good people. He is such a sweet, really nice, Christian man. I don't understand.

My daughter has decided to check herself into The Bad Attitude Hotel and left her sweet personality at the door. I blame it on the snow. It's causing insanity. People are starting to loose it. I am hormonal. I won't go into detail about my female woes. My side hurts. I sent my son to school in tennis shoes with holes. Shoes that are barely two months old. Geez, does he tie the shoes to the back of a pickup and drag them to school? Do you ever have those days that you need to pick up the house and you really just look at it? Mine is still bad. I am just looking at it. Life goes on and the house will still be dirty. Cleaning it will not solve the worlds problems, therefore I will just leave it. My hair feels dirty and it's clean. My glasses broke. I wore them with one earpiece missing last night. Just needed some white tape around the nose to look like a really big dork. And I've sworn off Diet Dr. Pepper. And I'm out of chocolate. I'm thinking of chewing the top off of a chocolate covered almond that is in my pantry. But it's really old and I'm weird about expired food.

Then I came across this picture. It made me happy. My sometimes possessed/sometimes sweet-as-sugar daughter looks so precious in this photo. She was eating our favorite desert and her eyes look like chocolate. I'm trying to decide when I lick the screen whether I should choose her eyes or the strawberry for my chocolate fix. I love my kids. Slade brought home a perfect, no words missed, 105 on his spelling. Darn it if he doesn't live up to his last name.

And then I saw this picture of Campbell's bday cake. It made me happy, too. Isn't it cute. Cake makes everyone happy. I am happy to see it even though I've sworn off cake till July. A pink cake can move mountains some days, right? And it was funny to me that there are two zebra hooves in the background of the photo. Very random, but funny random. And Monday is starting to look up. Kyle just walked in with a Diet Dr. Pepper on good ice. Even though I've sworn off carbonated drinks. And Finley just brought me a single Hershey Kiss and told me she was sorry. I'm pretty sure Kyle was behind this but I'll take an apology from my three year old and a Hershey Kiss on any given day. I feel better after my chocolate bite and caffeine shot. I can put on my big girl panties and deal with Monday now. And I just remembered that Robert Pattinson is going to be on Jimmy Fallon tonight after midnight. I'll stay up and watch that and get back on my sleeping schedule so I will feel rested.

She really looked cute in her ladybug towel, eating her chocolate covered strawberries. And I didn't even have to lick the screen since they brought me a Hershey Kiss. That would have been really weird anyways if I would have had to lick the screen for a chocolate fix. Thank you, Mr. Hershey, for inventing chocolate kisses. You've helped millions of women throughout the world survive Monday Shmunday. And saved the life of a certain Dell Inspiron E1505 computer screen. Amen.