Sunday, December 14, 2008

Iraan Christmas Fun!

We had our Iraan Christmas' this weekend. On Friday night we opened presents with my parents. On Saturday night, we went into Iraan and had Christmas with Nana and my aunt and uncle. My grandfather passed away the year Slade was born and I still miss him. I brought some chocolate covered cherries this weekend in his honor. He loved choc covered cherries and we always gave him those wrapped up as a gift. He also would put lottery tickets on the tree for us. The rule was that if anyone won over $100, you had to split it. I think I won 4 bucks at the most, but darn it was fun! We did lots of eating this weekend-had mexican food on Saturday. We get tired of so much turkey so the change is always welcomed. Mom made lots of appetizer goodies Friday. I have to say that my favorite has to be the spinach dip! We lounged around in our pj's on Saturday morning. Dad took the kids and Kyle to shoot the "new" gun and to feed the goats. The kids played with their new toys all day-lots of fun, lots of memories.
My photographic child-has been since he was a baby. His favorite gifts were his space toy set, talking globe, and bug set. He seemed to play and really like his toys this year.

Finley, Me, Brandi, and Campbell at Nana's Christmas

Cita watching all the kids open their presents. I bet she's thinking she was glad I wrapped all those presents for her!!!

Slade, Kyle, and Finley. Finley does not want to stop and smile for the camera-opposite of her brother.
I love this dress from GAP. Nana bought her this one and Campbell a pink one. Check out the tights!
Mom and Dad. I think I caught dad off-guard!

We hadn't heard from Slade in a while and found him in the living room with all the bugs laid out. He was very proud of himself. The ladybugs are really cute, actually, but the ants are creepy. It reminded me of the movie, Arachnophobia!!!

Why spend all that money when you can just give them a box!

I love this picture-I might have to frame it. A mother's love.

Aunt Cindy and Campbell. My aunt is an ovarian cancer survivor and the sweetest lady you could ever meet. She teaches elementary school in Ozona. When she married my uncle in 1982, every single picture of me from their wedding had me with my feet turned out like I was standing on the sides of my feet. I was a dork, but hey, I was only 5!

Nana and Finely. I made Nana's Christmas necklace she is wearing. The green and white beads are from some of her mother's jewelry that I took apart and restrung.

My father is a typical rancher-he bought Slade a gun. Slade was scared that it would make a loud sound, hence the earmuffs.
This would be a typical photo session nowadays.
OOhhhh-the talking globe. He will officially be a geographical genius! The only two questions that he got wrong the first day were the ones that Brandi told him!!!!
The resemblance is uncanny!


Funky Finds said...

Everyone in your family looks so wonderful! And, though I never imagined Brandi being a momma, she looks unbelievably happy & in love w/her adorable little girl!!!

Anonymous said...

I looked at the box of Chocolate covered cherries last night and got all teary---I could just see Ambo enjoying the candy. I sure miss him--but we did make some wonderful memories--how about Finly with the hampster eating her hair--you left out the good stuff in your blog story--and the pic!!HA Love, MOM