Monday, December 22, 2008

Mom's Pooped

It's 11:58pm and my two children are chasing each other around Finley's Mickey Mouse Racetrack. Slade is wearing my new Uggs with his pajama pants. Finley's hair is sticking up in piggytail fashion, minus the rubber bands. They are chattering about the Christmas tree ornaments as if I just put the tree up tonight. I love the sound of their little voices. Slade has started an episode of Super Nanny on the DVR. I'm sitting here, exhausted, with the beginnings of a dreaded sore throat.

I'm not sure where their abnormal amount of energy comes from. Did they get an over-production of it while in utero? Did I do something to destroy the "rest" factors in their brains when I sometimes warmed their baby bottles by microwave? Or could it just the be 25 cupcakes they ate tonight, instead of dinner, since we had a Christmas decorating party over here tonight? Whatever it may be, my two children received a tolerance that some people cannot fathom. They don't get tired-EVER! I can force a nap on Finley, but not my son. I'm thinking of a way to harness this energy-I need some!

Don't get me wrong. I love them and I'm gonna keep them. But I admit that I tend to envy those parents whose children SLEEP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If you have children that fall asleep in the car, consider it a blessing.


Jerilynn said...

Chey-Anne - if you get a chance - please go over and enter this blog give-away. She is the sweetest lady ever and she makes beautiful bows. I would love for one of my friends to win it. Tell Brandi to go over and enter too!
You have a great chance at winning - only 14 comments so far Ü

Kyle and Hollie said...

Chey-Anne -

One of Kyle's aunts wants to have a necklace just like mine!!!! I told her I would ask you if you could do it?!?! She already has a Tech drop that she wants it for - and she wants it for the rest of bball season...she's not pushy or anything! Ha! I told her I would check on let me know what you think! Hope you guys are enjoying your time together! I sure miss my SLADE!!! Give him hugs for me! Our school email isn't working for some you can call me (789-8706)or email me at to let me know! Thanks girlie!