Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Master bedroom-check!

Well guys, I guess technically it's already Tuesday morning(I so need to get to bed), but I'm posting for Monday. I got my bedroom and hallway into my bedroom from the kitchen painted today. Well, mostly painted by two wonderful guys that work for Kyle. But I ran around helping when I could, filling nail holes with caulk, wiping baseboards, vacuuming, painting around windows, and painting trim. Can I say that one never realized how awful the dust collects under furniture till you move it and are really embarrassed? It needed a cleaning. It's a wonder we haven't developed asthma! I do love the color, which is a stony taupe. I'll have to take pics so you can see the real color instead of the strange description. It looks great. I have to say that in the last two homes I've lived in since I have been married (7 yrs) I have neglected our master bedroom. To the point that nothing was ever hung on the walls in either house. I think it was about time to spruce up and I have a million photos I can frame. It's really strange considering I go nuts in the kids rooms and have them fixed in a jiffy. I even had an lady come paint murals on their walls. But it does look nice, and maybe now I'll get to bed earlier in my lovely new room. Tomorrow-on to the hallway. I have lots of extra paint and it looks dingy, so why not. I plan to paint Slade's room in the next few days, too.

Why will I be getting all these tasks accomplished you ask? My kiddos are going to mom and dad's tomorrow. Kyle is taking them to Midland and will drop them off. They will probably stay till Friday or Saturday or till I can't stand being away from them anymore! I will probably cave first. It will be the first time Finley has stayed more than one night away from me. Oh, I'll miss that little warm body in the bed! They will have a ball, I'm sure, and not miss me at all!!! So I hope to get busy and do some things I never can quite get finished or started, however you want to look at it. Toodles!

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The Boyd Gang said...

I understand what you mean about unfinished projects! I still haven't finished the trim work in our bedroom and we moved in over a year ago. I can't wait to see pictures of your bedroom. Goodluck getting all your stuff done while the kiddo's are gone. I usually plan to do a bunch of stuff and end up just sitting around:)