Sunday, December 21, 2008

1/2 Way to First Grade!!!

Can I please tell you that I am in denial as of today. I do not want to accept the fact that my firstborn child has completed his first half of kindergarten! I cannot believe the first semester is over already. We had an eventful kindergarten Christmas party on Thursday and the kiddos had lots of fun making reindeer food, ornaments, and eating pizza.

I wonder if he pays better attention to the teacher during instruction? Hope so!

This was the sing along before the party. I made him wear this shirt and vest and he cried. We had a big fight before school-I won! He looks dapper-I mean, it came right off the mannequin at Children's Place. The bottom of the shirt hung out and I rolled his sleeves back. Really cute. It wasn't as if I made him wear a Pooh Christmas shirt with a beaded Christmas tree lapel!
Opening his gift during the book exchange. The little blond girl is a neighbor on our street. It seems so weird to me that on our street alone, there are four kindergartners that all go to this elementary. They all live in a span of about nine houses apart. Crazy.

We were blessed with a visit from Brandi's old neighbor, Jerilynn, this past Monday. We got to catch up and eat her yummy cookies. We have plans to get together in Amarillo-soon, right JH!

Nana gave Finley this cute frock for Christmas - so darn cute! I have a weakness for tights I do believe! Look closely-one of her shoes is missing it's pink flower decal. I was sad to be missing it. It hasn't shown up yet. Why I would point this out to readers, I do not know.

Campbell's sweet Christmas outfit. I actually picked it out. Silver shoes to die for! They squeak, too!
A really cute necklace I whipped up. In between every two pearls, there is a tiny rhinestone bead. It sold at my friends work in about 24 hours!

Another cute little elf I know. Lot's of fun at the movies, girls!!!
And that, my friends, is the Smart scoop.


Jerilynn said...

I look a little dazed there - I was just intoxicated by that little beauty I was holding. I love that outfit of Finley's. Nana did good. It might be my favorite so far.

Jerilynn said...

Forgot to add that the first picture of Slade is great! Picture Perfect Ü

Funky Finds said...

that is better sign up to sell your jewelry @ our spring fling asap!