Thursday, December 4, 2008

Sugar Rush

What's better than one lollipop? TWO lollipops!!!

If you can believe it, my son puked in the middle of the night last night. My darling husband rinsed the sheets all off last night and started the washing this morning. He must have fever, haha! I'm telling you, my kids puke more than any nurse has ever cleaned up! Evidently he overate at dinner last night. Seemed fine this morning. How many times have I said puke, barf, or vomit since I've started blogging? Too many, but at least I don't resort to photos, huh!
My mom and grandmother are coming today and I plan to finish my xmas shopping this weekend. We are going to the Polar Express tomorrow and Slade is nervous that we are actually traveling to the North Pole. That's what he told Kyle!
Finley Funny. The past few nights she has been coming up to Kyle and saying, "Touch my Fever, Daddy". She thinks that her forehead is called "fever". Is that not the funniest!?!
Just so you'll know, I did not space this paragraph like you see it. I have fixed it three times and when I publish it, it has a mind of it's own. Does anyone else experience this problem? So annoying!


Anonymous said...

I know how you feel about the dad helping out. If my husband gets up in the middle of the night, it is because I am deathly sick. Hope that you have a great time this weekend.

Tracy said...

That is the cutest pic of Fin!!

Have Slade ask Macy about the Polar Express tomorrow. She'll assure him that we stay in Lubbock.

And yes, blogger jacks up my spacing all of the time...

Tandy said...

How funny! I totally feel ur pain on the vomit thing! yikes... i finally started one...tandys treasure post..let me know what you think