Wednesday, December 10, 2008

I Recommend Dr. Seuss

I decided to play my "patient" mom card and asked Slade if he wanted me to read him a book. He screamed "Yes!" and was very excited. I heard him rummaging through books in his room. I have been trying to take time and read more books with him, so I put down my Parents magazine that I just got in the mail (I was way excited about my new magazine). He runs in the room and sits down.

He brought me the Children's Atlas of the Universe (with detailed maps and charts-it advertises on the bottom), 128 pages to be exact. Hmmmmmm. I was thinking Green Eggs and Ham.

I talked him into his library book from school.

Moral of the story: Pick the book, then ask if they want to come read it with you. That would be playing the "smart" mom card. Gin!

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