Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas Top Ten List

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas! And now it's time to fill your red box? It was so much fun watching all the kids open their gifts and believe that a fat man in a suit brought them down the chimney! I hope that by reading the story of the birth of Jesus to Slade and Finley, they might have a glimpse of what Christmas is truly about. Santa, gingerbread men, and presents are just the glitz and glamour of the holidays. It's not about football bowl games, homemade fudge, or sleigh bells. Don't get me wrong, I love all the fun things and tradition and gifts galore. I just want to make sure that they know the importance of that baby born in Bethlehem-the most precious gift of all!

I wanted to remember the top ten things of my Christmas this year!

#10 My grandmother's absolutely delicious fudge!

# 9 That my mom takes the time to get all of her Spode dishes out for us to use during Christmas. I love those dishes!!!

# 8 How excited my kids were when they decorated the tree this year. They loved hanging the ornaments.

# 7 The marathon wrapping I did for Mom and Nana.

# 6 The sweet pictures I have to keep forever that we had made for our Christmas cards. They'll never be 2 and 5 again.

# 5 Finley's hamster hair attack! Priceless!

# 4 Looking at all my homemade stockings on the mantle!

# 3 Slade leaving a note, cookies, and milk for Santa. He used a paper plate instead of my Spode Santa cookie plate! Just goes to show you that kids don't care about the fancy things!

# 2 Finley in her cute Christmas outfit-bows to match and little red shoes.

# 1 Slade and I going to the candlelight service at church-just the two of us. It was beautiful and a special memory for just him and me!

When we attended our candlelight service that night, we were asked to go pick up one of the red boxes that they had supplied for everyone. Slade ran back and got us all a little red box-four of them.

How much did you spend this holiday? This Christmas season, you bought gifts for all your family and friends. You spent hours planning and cooking and traveling around to celebrate. You are left with the little red box. It's not decorated or glittery. It's just a simple little red box. The red box is your gift to God this year. What will you take the time to do for him? What will you put in his box? Merry Christmas!!!

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Anonymous said...

I would like to think that Daddy and I did good because we have raised a wonderful daughter that has God first in her life and her children's--but I guess that we will have to share that spot with Nana, Ambo, Granny &Grandpa, Mammaw & Pampaw.. We are such a product of our enviroment. Thank god for those wonderful people in all our lives. That is our blessing this Christmas. MOM