Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Hello Lemon-Brownie Lover

Jessica Hood - I cannot get you on your email. I don't think I have the right address. I left you a message on FF, but no response. I need your new mailing address and the correct email. Have you received any from me?????? Also, I cannot spell your new last name-yes, I'm a dork!

Sorry guys, I just needed to use this post to get in touch with my old friend, cause I know she reads it! Just so this isn't too boring of a post for you, let me tell you a few things about Jessica. Her dad was my elementary science teacher and I met her my eighth grade year when she came to live with her dad. Us small town folk got such a kick out of her carrying her purse everywhere with her in junior high. She came from Ft.Worth. Evidently people didn't leave things in their lockers there. In Iraan, you were pretty safe to assume that your stuff would be in your locker when you got back. If someone did steal something, they couldn't ever wear it or use it or you would see them in a town of 2000 people! Back to Jess. This girl had the worst nose bleed one night that I've ever witnessed! She bled like a stuck pig(my mom's saying) and she bled all over my bedspread. I think I still had droplets of blood on that spread when my mom changed it years later! Seriously, I thought she was going to have to be cauterized!!!! We roomed together our first year at Tech and boy do we have some memories. BTW, she can eat a pan of my mom's lemon brownies.

Email me, Jess!!!


Funky Finds said...

Oh that is truly the best post you've written to date ;)

I emailed you back, but apparently May Advertising does not like sending or receiving correspondence from you!

My last name is Dougherty. Our address is 701 Chambers Creek Drive, Fort Worth 76140.

I feel safe in leaving my address on your comments b/c I doubt you have TOO many mass murders and/or stalker wannabees reading. But, hey, I could be wrong!?

P.S. Can your mom send me a batch of brownies for Christmas???

Anonymous said...

Jess--they are in the mail--seriously I can send you the receipe if you want--Merry Christmas sweet girl. Linda Sue

Funky Finds said...

I still have the hand-written recipe card Linda Sue gave me years ago! I came across it today while looking through my neglected recipe book. :)