Saturday, December 6, 2008

Monkey Business

Friday and Saturday at a glance.

1. Finley got motion sickness in the Polar Express and vomited on me. Third times a charm with the puke this week. Lovely. We were supposed to drop the kids off and go to a Christmas party right after the train ride. Not so much since I had barf all down my leg. It was the last straw of the week-I cried.

2. Woke up with PMS and cannot take Advil because of my horrible stomach problems. Tylenol ain't cutting it, girls!

3. The Iraan Braves got the poop kicked out of them by Stratford today. By the sound of how some of Iraan players acted, looks like they got what they deserved. Shame on the few that make everyone look bad!

4. I'm apparently INSANE. In a nutshell, I repainted the kids bathroom tonight. I have a third of the walls finished. I'm striping (as in marking off with tape and putting three different colored stipes on the wall) the other wall tomorrow. Should be interesting. I'm channeling the PMS cramps into something productive. The monkey pic at the top is what they bathroom will be decorated in-they are sooooo adorable!

5. My Christmas shopping is finished. All I have to do now is wrap and finish making my Nana's present. I have a few odds and ends stocking stuffer left to get still, but that will be easy.

6. The director from Sugar and Spice called and they have a spot for Finley starting in January. I'm sadly going to send her. I'm making a decision in her best interest, not from my heartstrings. I know she needs to go for her sake. She will go Tuesday/Thursday for about 5 hours, so it really isn't too long. I just hope they don't kick two year olds out for fit throwing. She needs to be around other kiddos and learn to share and all that good stuff. It will be good.
7. My wonderful friend, Tandy, finally started her blog today. I will be ever so happy reading the daily happenings of the Nelson bunch. Now we just need to get Jennifer on the blog wagon!!!

And those, my friends, are the highlights of the past two days.


Jerilynn said...

You seriously need a "barf" break. Can't wait to see pics of thre finished bathroom.

Tandy said...

Im excited to see ur bathroom lady! I bet it will be great...surely matching the rest of your beautiful home!

Anonymous said...

If kids got kicked out because of "fit throwing" then all Parents Day Out programs would be out of business :)! She will be fine and have lots of fun too!
~ Jenn

Funky Finds said...

we have that toothbrush holder in our monkey bathroom! remember mr. chimps??? still got him!

Heather said...

Bless your heart and all that puke! goodness...
LOVE the BAthroom! YOu are so talented!!! Very cute!