Monday, December 15, 2008

Attack of the Christmas Hamster!

Today is the continuation of my Iraan Christmas weekend. I saved the best story for today. It is the perfect Monday story to help you get through the week. You will have a little grin and chuckle when you think about it all week! Let me begin by setting the scene.

My grandmother traveled to Branson last month and stopped at a local Cracker Barrel along the way somewhere in Missouri. You know how it has the neatest little toys.

This is the toy she picked. It is a little battery operated hamster that you turn on and it makes the little ball roll around. Such simple, innocent fun. I'm sure the manufacturer of this toy had no idea it could become, well let's say, a death trap for hair. Nor had they ever met a Smart offspring.

After unwrapping all of the gifts, we were all gathered around visiting and the kids were playing with their toys. Finley, all of the sudden, is hysterical and we look over at her. She has taken the hamster out of the ball(you have to take it out to turn it off and on) and the hamster is stuck to her forehead. We all laugh because it looks like a growth of fur on her head. She is still going nuts at this point. I so wish we would have grabbed the camera sooner and showed the furball stuck to her head, but I didn't.
Upon further inspection, we detect a major problem. She has rubbed the hamster in her bangs while it's little wheels were still turning. It wound all of her hair up into the wheel shaft and stopped the motor. It was still on but not turning. That hamster was attached so tight to her head, we couldn't even see her skin! She is screaming and we are having to hold her hands at this point. We don't have much hair as it is and I was hopeful that we could salvage what we do have!

At this point we have torn the body of the hamster off and only have the battery operated motor part attached. Brandi bites off one of the wheels with her teeth hoping that it would be connected all the way across. No luck. She tries to take the wheel off that had the tangled hair, but it felt like we were ripping her hair out. Finley is traumatized at this point. After ten minutes, we go to plan B. Scissors. I didn't care at this point. I snipped and it was all over.
I have the ball, the hamster body, the motor part, two spare wheels, and a lock of baby blond hair. The snipped part is not visible to the average person. It just looks like new hair growing in that is shorter that the other bangs.
The aftermath. Cita holding my traumatized two year old! She would look at the hamster and scream, "NO!!!!" Who can blame her.
No, we are civilized human beings and don't plan to sue. But I am thinking there might should be a warning label - "This toy can attack if rubbed in hair!" I have heard that those Missouri hamsters are rather dangerous. Beware.


Tracy said...

Ok at first I was thinking I might need to run to CB to pick us up a pet hamster. But now, NO WAY!

Poor baby! That'll be a story that will be told until Fin is an old lady!

Jennifer Lynn said...

Seriously, only this kind of stuff happens to you. LOL!

The Stanford Family said...

I am so glad you started blogging!


Jerilynn said...

poor Finley - I can symathize because I once had to cut from my hair one of those hairbrush curling irons. I wasn't paying attention while I was jamming to my Shaun Cassidy cassette....ok I was probably 11 or 12 - so Finley wins for most traumatic hair experience! Poor Baby!

Jerilynn said...'s late Ü

Anonymous said...

Poor Finley:( I am glad all is well now. You might want to call New channel 11.
Have a good one