Monday, December 1, 2008

Monday Madness

Please work Prevacid, Please work Prevacid, Please work Prevacid..........

It has already been a very busy Monday thus far. It's about 1pm and I've run all over Lubbock this morning. Only 2 hours until time to get Slade. I got Slade off to school, went to the stomach doctor(more about that later), Emma's birthday party, shoe store, lunch with my sister, the hardware store, and a store to look for a Christmas gift for Brandi. We missed music class, so we'll have to make that up later. Kyle got our tree out of the garage and fixed the missing lights, so all that is waiting for me. I am exhausted bc I didn't sleep a wink last night-partly bc I was nervous to go to the doctor and partly bc Finley had to get into the bed with me and we were in Slade's room. He couldn't sleep and had gotten into bed with Kyle and I didn't want to mess up another bed. So I got in his bed and Finley was crying for me a midnight, so I had to get her. I hate sleeping in Slade's bed which is a twin. Add Finley and it makes for a miserable night of sleep. We are a house full of dysfunctional sleepers!

The doctor came to a quick conclusion this morning and thinks that I have a hiatal hernia and stomach damage from taking Advil. All the symptoms seem to suggest hernia and I've taken gobs of Advil during my lifetime due to my horrible sinus headaches. So there you go. He said that the hernia can get worse from pregnancy bc the baby presses on it, and I have basically had stomach problems since I was pregnant with Finley-so that makes sense. He doesn't seem to think it's post-gallbladder. I didn't have the heart to ask him if I really should have had my gallbladder removed. We are trying to fix it with medication(Prevacid) for a month and then I'll have to be scoped if it doesn't get any better. Please pray the medication will help bc from what I've gathered, surgery an option. Please just let it work!!!! I am in a bad mood about it. I'm glad to know what it might be, but upset that is STILL HURTS. Everything takes time. Time never ends when your stomach hurts everyday. If voodoo medicine would work, I'd try it.

Finley went to her first official birthday party that only she was invited to, not like usual when Slade was asked and she comes along. They had tiny little ice cream cone cupcakes with pink icing. Very cute. They mostly licked the icing off. Yummy! She was really nice and had fun playing.

BTW-Lil' Footprints has buy one get one free shoes till December 13th!


Tracy said...

Praying this will work for you (and that everyone in your house sleeps well)!!

Anonymous said...

We are dysfunctional sleepers too...Toby and I have decided someday we'll sleep together agian!:) But for now, we just want doesn't matter where or with which child.
Glad Finley had fun at the party!