Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Week in Review

I am so pleased with the final product. We all have a stocking now. Good job, Chey-Anne. I'm tooting my own horn.
The kids get a special ornament each year. I found this cue little soccer dude for Slade. Look-it's holding the goal!! I'm still looking for our family one.

And of course, Minnie Mouse for Miss Priss. Her little eyes lit up when I showed her the ornament. She loved it. So much fun this year-Finley is really into the tree and decorating.

I let go and let the kids put the ornaments on the tree last night(I did fix them later-couldn't help myself). This is Finley's jumble of ornaments. Slade really couldn't stand for them all to be together. He kept trying to "fix" them and we had lots of fights between brother and sister.

They were so funny decorating last night. The red beads were strung all over the place.

Finley getting a push from Daddy during Thanksgiving weekend. It was a little chilly so we busted out the new coat that Cita bought.

Slade helping Big Dad at the barbecue pit-not sure how we have escaped any major burns.

When my mom pulled this ornament out to put on her tree, she asked Finley who it was. Finley said, "Me". Looks a lot like Finley but it's not. I was about three or four-mom always had the sponge rollers in my hair!!!

Thanksgiving day with a little chocolate left over on the face!

Yes, Kyle let him crawl onto the roof at Nana's house. He just sat there and showed the guns up sign mostly.

Thanksgiving feast in his Kindergarten class. Mrs. Hendrix went to a lot of trouble, but he will always remember eating "Friendship Salad" and making butter for his pumpkin bread.

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Shonnie Stanley said...

I love your stockings and you did a wonderful job on them. Do you hire out?