Thursday, December 11, 2008

Cookie Fabulous

I saw Paula Deen do these on her cookie swap and was dying to try them. They are peppermint pinwheel cookies. How cute did they turn out! I think I might take some to the bake sale at Slade's school, but they are almost too cute to eat! These are the days I really enjoy being at home. I would never be able to do these teaching school with all the Christmas hysteria and trying to get papers graded and grades entered. I really don't have time now, but I did it anyways. Still have dirty towels to wash and the kitchen is a wreck, oh well!
They are basically a peppermint flavored butter sugar cookie. I hope they stay somewhat soft in the packaging. It was a little experimental seeing that I don't do much with actual dough that you roll out. I wasn't sure how long to cook them and how thick to cut them. I DVRed the show and watched it before I baked them this morning.

I just used my extra scrapbooking ribbon and individually wrapped the rest. I might do these for Slade's birthday party favors-maybe. They were quite time consuming. Jerilyn, aren't you proud?!?

Finley liked the results.

Second batch.

I really rolled them and chilled for two hours, really! Actually I did a double batch, but did them individually.

This is what it looks like when you have two babies to help you in a very small kitchen. I was standing in front of the dishwasher. Tight squeeze. Luckily I'm very thin to be able to fit in that spot.

After school steam releasing. Kaleb and Slade (Slade is a computer hog and looks like a giant)

Two gals, one with alot more hair than the other. Both love Mickey and Minnie Mouse. Will probably have some really good girl fights in the future, but cute as can be now. Finley and Emma.


The Boyd Gang said...

I love them!! Your's look great. Where can I find the recipe?

Chey-Anne Smart said...

Love it!!

Jennifer Lynn said...

I don't need a and Tracy are doing a fantastic job posting pictures and stories of my kids :) Both pictures of the kids are awesome...I need copies. Just e-mail them to me. The cookies are adorable! Great idea for the bake sale :)!

Kyle and Hollie said...

The cookie was AMAZING! I wish I could even attempt to make something like this! You completely made my day with this delish cookie...I didn't even make it to my room after school before I had eaten it! VERY GOOD! Everyone be proud of Cheyenne! I will be buying another one at the bake sale tomorrow...really...can you say fatty...really!!! Oh well, Happy Holidays!!! HEE HEE!!

The Boyd Gang said...

Anonymous said...

You are such the home-maker. I love Paula too, and wish I had the time for fun stuff too.
You all are precious.