Monday, August 24, 2009

My First Grade Boy

He wasn't sad at all. He told us last night that he just "couldn't quit smiling".

He woke right up and told us to turn the shower to hot.

He looked very handsome in his new shirt that Cita got him. Same backpack, new lunch box.

He raced the whole way to school and stood at the door to wait for the bell to ring.

He knew several other boys in his new room that were in his class last year. There was a new kid that was upset and Kyle pulled him aside and told him to be his friend today because he was new.

And I admit I had to put my shades on as we walked home because mom got a little choked up. He is just so old now. He doesn't need us. He knows the ropes. Will my heart survive all his firsts? I hope his year is as memorable as my first grade year with Ms. Shultz! I wonder if he'll get to use paper coins and go to the "store"?


Jerilynn said...

wait until you drop one off at the high school! There are no words...
Slade looks awesome and glad he was excited. Cutter loves summer and has not been looking forward to school at all - hope he falls back into the routine. LOL

Kyle and Hollie said...

Seriously...tears in my eyes! I just love this kid! I am so proud of him!