Friday, August 7, 2009

Devil's River Trip

Warning-Photo Frenzy! Consider yourself warned! This is our annual "fishing trip" as my mother calls it to Devil's River. Although I personally don't do much fishing, ok, no fishing, we do eat alot, visit alot, swim alot, and just piddle around basically. Trying hard not to get a third degree sunburn or over 2o mosquito bites. It's all fun, I swear. For those not familiar with true West Texas locale (Lubbock is not West Texas to me), Devil's River is about 55 minutes south of Ozona. It drains into Lake Amistad in Del Rio(I think). It's close to Comstock, Texas, but you might not know where Comstock is either. It's really a gorgeous place. I love it.

Snack break on the back of my uncle's truck.

There's not much better than a Cheese Nip after an afternoon off swimming. They were starved!

The men cooking-a sight one might not see often, haha! We have no electricity, so all the cooking is done on propane cookers or a true wood-burning grill. And man oh man, is it good food.

My cousin Mandy and her little boy, Brandon. There is always an abundance of fresh cantaloupe and fresh from the field tomatoes, my favorite.

Slade playing on the big rock. He learned to skip rocks this trip!

Just a memento that Kyle was actually at the river. In the twelve summers I've known him, this is the first time he braved the July trip. Although I did get him there last Labor Day, you can't get the full effect with a mere day trip in September. He's not much of a camper, but I think he liked it-or he lied!

The only pic I have of me-for good reason as you can see. There ain't no glamour at the river. Your lucky if your teeth get brushed and your Ivory soap floats.

Playing around at the springs.

This is one of my favorite photos of the underwater mini lilies at the springs. One part of Devil's River has tons of fresh springs pouring out of the mountain. It is soooo cold, but I love it. These are growing right there where the water rushes out and it is so clear.

Crazy river kiddos. They must be delirious from the bug spray.

My cute snack-eating boy! He swam a million miles I think.

Mom with some little helpers. Believe it or not, she is dipping steak for chicken fried steaks. Yum! This is the only time of year I eat chicken fried steak-well worth the wait.

Nana drying dishes. She once came to the river pregnant with either my mom or my uncle in the 1950's. Or maybe both kids. She has made lots of trips to the river, bless her heart!

A view of our camp.

Thank goodness for some shade!

A whole lot of ice chests are required for many reasons. Most importantly, in my opinion, for the prevention of salmonella poisoning.

Not so much a happy camper.

More cooking. Did I mention we do alot of eating?

Finley helping mom squash the biscuits. We fry them and they are then called puffs. Scrumptious with a fork full of strawberry jam!

This, my friends, is an alligator gar!!! Scary little creature.

Picnicking at the little table. Cheetos are so fun to picnic with and healthy, as well. We did have fun, but will need about eleven more months to rest up for next years trip!!! In our family, the Devil's River trip weeds out the sissies of the family. I spent two nights in Ozona and only one at the river, so I am only about 1/3 sissy. I gain points with all the swimming and bathing in the fish-filled water!


Jerilynn said...

Looks like so much fun. We come from a camping family too - although I think I am known in the family as the "anti-camper" For the most part it is not my idea of a vacation! The pics were great - I am guessing that the Beeelers skipped this year?

Tracy said...

I loved looking thru all of the pics!!BTW, I am 100% sissy!!!

Funky Finds said...

I remember floating the rapids! So fun. Remember when we had to walk back on the highway that time. I was so scared we'd catch the Hunta Virus! LOL It was hot as blue blazes, too. Good times!!