Sunday, August 23, 2009


Goodbye, ye ol' faithful nap mat. You have been kind, even though Slade never wanted to actually take a nap on you. You comforted him while he cried for his mom the first day of Sugar & Spice. You wrapped your felt blankie around him when he refused to sleep in Kindergarten and had to lay beside Mrs. Hendrix while she worked-when the others were sleeping. Actually, Big Blue Nap Mat, Slade maybe slept a total for 8 hours on you in the three years you have blessed us with your presence. Don't feel bad, he never napped for his mother either. But none the less, we love you and you've been here since he was three. Two years of preschool and kinder. You've been drug on the floor, rolled & unrolled millions of times, and washed at least as many times as my favorite bra. You never failed nor faded, only losing a tiny bit of black on your checked ribbons. We really got our $35 worth. Thank you, Big Blue Nap Mat! Now he is on to bigger and better things. And no more naps!!! Someday, he'll wish you were back. Someday he would pay someone to let him take a nap! You never realize what you got, until it's gone-and that goes for naps, as well. Goodbye, old friend.

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