Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Meet Bella

It's finally time you meet the newest member of the Smart Clan! Drum roll please..................
Meet Miss Bella Smart aka "Pups" as Slade calls her or "Him" as Finley calls her. Do you see the urgency of my choice of a name. My children can't go much beyond plain jane names, if you could even call them that. Usually the pet is named for a physical feature, such as Yellow Stripes or Froggy. Thank heavens I jumped in with Bella when I did or you might be looking at a chihuahua named, "White Tipped Tail". Thank you, Stephenie Meyer, for your wonderful cast of characters.

Finley's first reaction to finding out that Daddy had a "surprise" for her. This is her typical bad attitude, quit looking or talking to me face. So far, three hasn't been smooth sailing, but I have to have hope. This attitude adjustment problem is a book in itself and I'm sure will be discuss throughout Finley's third year of life, so back to Bella.

So as it goes, you know Kyle took a walk in the Looney Park and decided that Finley needed a dog for her bday. I was fuming mad that he and Slade were cooking up this little scheme and not even checking with me first. You know who has to feed her, clean up poop, take her to the vet. Yep, I'm wearing her pants right now-ME!!! But in their defense, I did walk into the pet store huffy, but the minute I saw her, I was smitten. That little wad of black fur that looked like her bottom regions were dipped in white paint was simply precious. I call it temporary insanity. One might be exoneration from a vicious crime if it involves the magical spell of cuteness this little thing places on you-even the worst dog haters.

In this photo, she has lost the attitude and has the cuteness magical spell placed on her, as well. She thinks she might like this little thing. She might really like her.

Yep, I like her. Good job, Daddy. I won't give you any attitude for say, 45 minutes, since you bought me this dog. (I'm pretty sure that was what she was thinking at this point.)

No, Campbell, it's not "Ma"(Campbell's word for Max). Granted, she is smaller than Max, but canine none the less.

And brother is smitten. Was always smitten. Is still smitten. And has the cuteness magical spell cast on him, probably since watching Beverly Hills Chihuahua. Could this conundrum be all my fault for purchasing that movie?

And for some perspective-she was smaller than our television remote the day we got her.
1.4 lbs. to be exact. Yo quiero Taco Bell?
And yes, girls, the Nikon disc is back, loaded, and in business. Hot Dog! Pardon the pun.


Jerilynn said...

she is so cute!

Funky Finds said...

Precious! Every family needs a dog...even better when it's a Chihuahua!!!