Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Finley's Third Birthday Bash!

Heavens to Betsy-Is my baby really three??? Evidently she is according to my calculations and the pink birthday girl shirt. Where did the last three years go?

Nana's famous chocolate cake in the antique baby pan.

Lots of gifts! Neat gifts. But they are always more fun at someone elses house-why is that? Same toy plus different house equals more fun. Question of the day.

This would be the typical attitude at least five times per day since turning three. Fun times! But I still love her, most days.

This is blurry, but I love it. Daddy and his gal!

Sweet Paigey!

Nana and Aurora

Yummo party food. Gotta love party food. PW's favorite salad, tortilla roll-ups, black eyed pea salsa, hashbrown casserole, watermelon/cantaloupe basket, cheese dip, and hot dogs(not pictured, but still tasty).

Glovers and Lynns

Is this really all the candy I get? Why are all the other kids picking it up before I can? What just happened to Dora?

We rented a bouncer and a double slide. It was fun-even for the adults. Well, the adults that acted like they were three. Here's Callan, Gracie, and Ellyson bouncing.

The Ol' Cooper Bunch-Melissa T., Me, Beth. I have since cut about six inches off my hair. Reckless, I know. I look pregnant in this pic, but I ain't. Bad Camera!

Well, at least Kyle is happy.

I have to have balloons at my kids parties. It's a must.

The kids and the three year old acting adults. At least we sweated off some cake calories.

Emma-she won't be caught dead in a Halloween costume. Sunglasses are negotiable.

Tucker, Slade, and Alec. Just looks like trouble to me!

Still not sure what all the birthday fuss is about. She came around.

Baby Logan was a pretty big hit at this shindig.

Cita and Finny Minny

The slides were fun-until the trouble boys knocked you out when you stayed at the bottom. Or when I bounced a kid out. Not my most shining moment, but I was sorry.

Melissa and Rylee-or "Charlie" as Finley likes to call her.

Our Dora Pinata. We've never had a pinata and I was very excited by this! Finley was scared to death of this giant, so we had to hide her in the closet for a month. Slade taunted her with giant Dora. Mean brother!!!

I have always thought pinatas were so cool with the candy and all. Then I realized that it must be traumatizing for a three year old to watch people beat the hell out of their hero with a bat or stick or sword. What was someone thinking the day they made this paper mache masterpiece? Kinda rates up there in the "pets wearing clothing" category. Why?

They did like the candy, though, after Dora was mutilated.

Happy Birthday, Miss Priss!

Miss Gracie

The monstrosity of a slide!

It was one for the books!!! We had fun! But again, where did the last three years go?


Jerilynn said...

What a great celebration! I just love those big slides. So sorry that I haven't answered your e-mails. It has been a crazy week. I saw the New Moon trailer the first day it came out at the Band Slam movie...which I thought was slammin' (the trailer and the movie)

Tracy said...

Oh, the party food was YUM!! (and so were the leftovers)

We had so much fun at Fin's bday - thanks for having us!

Anonymous said...

Love the photos of the birthday girl and all the family, especially Nana and Cita! Oh, and please tell your cake lady that I am so proud she put a comma in the right place - remember that is called "direct address" when you are speaking to someone - so Happy Birthday, Finley! From Mrs. VP -