Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Some Days You're the Pigeon, and Somedays the Statue

I am blogless tonight. I am so tired. Being a mom was very challenging today. Well, actually it was the afternoon that went downhill. I was glad to see them go to bed. I needed a moment to regain sanity. Wouldn't trade it, though. I guess that's what they call unconditional love. Bless the teacher's heart today for having Slade from 8-3. Bless my heart from having him 3-9. Bless me again for having Finley 14 hours today. They fight and fight and fight and cry and hit and scream and tattle. Lord, give me the strength to awaken tomorrow morning renewed with hope of a lovely day with my calm, calm, well behaved children. I really do love the little rascals! I wish I could have that day in the picture back. Just for an hour. Look how precious. Nana bought that blanket for Finley to come home from the hospital in. I bet I'll want this crazy day back again someday, too. So I'll put it in a little box and store it in my memory chest in my mind.

Oh, I almost forgot. I got to go visit my old pals at Cooper yesterday. So much has changed, so many new faces. I barely recognized the place I spent my first six years of teaching. It's kinda sad to think that the world goes on with out you. They never missed a beat. I was replaced. But I got to keep a few awesome ladies as friends. Well worth it. Hopefully I helped a few kiddos along the way. Go Pirates.

I leave you with my funny quote of the day.

Always borrow money from a pessimist. He won't expect it back.


Anonymous said...

You forgot to include the 6-8 hours a day you keep little Campbell!! You are a rock star mom (and aunt)!! I love you so much for keeping my precious daughter. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!

Anonymous said...

Don't blink too much. They will be 14 and 17 before you know it.

I love you girl, and you helped me more than you will know. I am so glad you were here and I miss you bunches.Come see us again soon! Oh and thanx again for the ode. It made me cry.