Monday, October 6, 2008

Lost: One Tooth, Twelve Pacifiers

Hello all. I'm back in the swing of things this Monday. I started feeling "under the weather" on Wednesday and haven't felt better till today. I had my ever so trusty sinus junk with a touch of vertigo to go along with it. Supposedly my ears were not draining properly and it tends to throw off things. Gosh, I hate that feeling of being on a boat, rocking as I was trying to sleep. It's not gone, but bearable today. Anywho, enough about me. I always have some ailment I could discuss, but then you would mistake me for a 95 year old on a walker!

I got to spend lots of time on the couch and caught a few good 'ol flicks. One of my favorites was on yesterday. Can't Buy Me Love with Patrick Dempsey - aka McDreamy. Ok, so that movie was made in 1987!! Twenty years ago, and time hasn't done anything to him but make him sexy! Wheeew. He was quite the geek, but a cute geek at that. You can definitely see the potential. But really, who would have guessed. He had really good hair back then I might add. BTW, did you know if you type in "McDreamy" into your Yahoo search, it comes right up to Patrick Dempsey. That's technology for ya.

I'm excited to tell you that Finley rides her tricycle using the peddles now. She has for a while, but it just registered to me a few weeks ago that she was doing that. I was like, Wow, she can do it without scooting. She calls it her "icicle". She also sings just about every song known to children and can scale anything like a monkey still. She is trying to use the potty and the other day she came up to me and said, "Mom, let's go look!" I thought that was really cute. Who could say no to that. We have also ended an era - we no longer use our pacifier! I found one totally chewed up to the likes of Swiss cheese and put my foot down. No need to choke on that in the middle of the night. I threw it in the trash and told her she ate them all up so she didn't have any passys left. She didn't have a hard time at all that night. We've been going on a week now and she usually only asks once per day. I say, "what did you do with them?" and she says, "I chew them up!" and that seems to be the end of it. That my friends was a major issue and accomplishment in our family. She was obsessed to say the least with her passys. It was her drug of choice. Mine is food, Finley's is a pacifier. Hmmm, Finley is the skinniest one of our family. Maybe I need a pacifier? And yes, in a tiny little part of my heart I'm a little sad. It is just one step farther away from her babyhood!
Slade played his third soccer game, almost scored a goal, and did really well. He has some shoe issues that keep him occupied, but we are working through that. I have been putting him in his school tennis shoes for comfort to see if that will help. I have to tell you that he is quite the artist. I'm not just saying this because I'm his mom-I mean he really draws well. He looks at pictures and can draw them on paper. It's pretty impressive. You know my dad is a really good at drawing. And just as I speak, he just walked in from soccer practice and handed me his front tooth! The top left is gone-snaggle tooth!!!! I will stop this blog and immediately place a call to the tooth fairy. She is sometimes short on cash, if you know what I mean!!!


Anonymous said...

We had our passi's until we were 4 You did alot better than we did. It is sad when they are not babies anymore.
Glad you are feeling better. I love that movie too. Never saw that girl again.
Love ya girl

Jerilynn said...

my kids never liked a pacifier...not one of them! I couldn't figure it out. Glad your feeling better.
Also, I answered you question on my thread...but here it is for you.
(your thinking of cubed steak or round steak that has been tenderized. Ü)