Friday, September 12, 2008

Niagra Falls

Can you say, "Mucho Rain". I mean we have lots of water around here. The rain started yesterday morning and continued all day long and into the night. Around 8:45 last night, the mayor declared Lubbock in a "State of Emergency". Wow, I've never been anywhere that was in a "state of emergency". We drove around last night before it got dark (probably not one of the smartest decisions I've ever made) and looked at all the water. I have some pretty good pics I'll post that show just a slight bit of wetness, haha. I was slightly stressed going to bed last night - it was still just raining straight down and continued to do so until after 3am this morning. As an added bonus, to Slade anyways, LISD canceled school today along with every other school district around here. But darn it, that will use up one of our snowdays, oh well. And just to let you know, I'm no longer looking at the glass half full as in my previous post about rain. Stop Raining! Stop Raining now, we need no more rain. Nada, zip, zilch! My husband has got to work, people. The glass in now completely empty in regards to rain.

Funny story of the day. I'm a cool mom-I mean, I'll let my kids get dirty, they'll wash. We do art projects, paint, draw (although I did throw away the markers yesterday after Finley wrote on Slade's furniture and walls), science experiments, etc. We have a special table cloth that we put over the table for our messy projects-Thank you Target for the plastic cover that wipes clean. So, in all my mom glory yesterday, I let my kids cut loose and run in the rain. I mean full out, raining straight down, rain. Finley rode her scooter in the stream rushing down the street and Slade plowed through water on his bike, splashing like crazy. It was an awesome photo session for my scrapbook, which I'll admit was at least 50% of my motive. I love a great photo for my scrapbook pages. They had a blast and were wet little dogs. End of story, right. Nope. At the end of the news last night, the newscaster told everyone to keep their children out of the water tomorrow. The run off water could be contaminated and probably is not safe.
Maybe not such a cool mom move yesterday. My mom glory was deflated like a balloon poked with a big fat safety pin. Does anyone know where Alexander Fleming lives?

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