Monday, September 15, 2008

Mood: Frustrated

Can we say 180? That is the degree of turn my mood has taken since yesterday. Maybe I should watch The Bucket List to inspire myself again!!!! Let's just say that not all days are inspiring with a two year old. Finley is a doll, but man she really pulls some good'ole terrible two fits. She really has been showing her true colors lately and her music class was no exception this morning. She is really energetic and feels very comfortable there since she has gone since last spring. But she may be a little too "comfortable". She thinks she can do just about anything she wants, including being the very center of attention. So I fought that the whole class, plus a few outbursts as I tried to be inconspicuous as I dealt with her discipline issues. For those of you that can identify or sympathize, you cannot reason with a two-year-old. With about five minutes left in class, I got onto her for something and she turned around and hit me on the head. Not the face slap in the movies, but a little smack-the kind that said, "I wonder what she will do if I do this?" I calmly got up and walked out of the classroom, hoping that no one saw her, and popped her behind after I had the door shut. I took her into an empty room and got right in her face and pinched her cheeks together. I said "you will not hit me in the face again!" She sat there in time out till she said she was sorry to me. The day pretty much went downhill from there. I was sooooo embarrassed. Do I have to go back next week? Oh, yes I do. Cita already paid for the month.

Being a mom can bring you to your knees some days. Today I swallowed my pride. But.....I have decided that I will pray tonight and thank God that I have a child healthy enough to act like a two-year-old that embarrasses me. If you don't have kids yet, or your baby is still small and sweet, don't think you won't have this happen to you. You will never escape the wrath of a two-year-old.

Have the you heard this saying? Some days you're the pigeon and some days you're the statue.

Today it was a bulls eye hit!


Jerilynn said...

Ouch! been there - done that! Tomorrow she will be as cute as ever and today will fade to a distant a couple of years! LOL

Tracy said...

Ok, I've never heard that sayin' but I am for sure the statue!