Thursday, September 25, 2008

Boo Hoo

I had a moment, and my poor neighbor happen to call in the midst of my moment. We just don't have enough space in our house, and really who does. There is just more stuff than my kiddo's rooms can accommodate. Spoiled a tad - yep, too many toys, too little time. Anywho, I was hanging clothes and contemplating the space in Finley's room. It would give her so much more room if her crib was gone. I have a full size bed in there, but it has to stay for my weekend guest (mom and Nana). So realistically I should buy a little side rail and put it on the big bed and do away with the crib. So I pumped Finley up and told her she could start sleeping in the "big girl" bed. She was like, "Sleep with Daddy?" I said no, you can sleep in here in the big bed. I went to get the screwdriver and sat down on the bed. I just started bawling like a big baby. Oh my gosh, this could very well be the last crib ever in my house. I mean I would like a third, but Kyle says no. And it is really hard to haul babies everywhere when your other kids are in sports, etc. Yes I know this because my niece travels everywhere I have to go each day. But bless my little heart, it's just plain sad. I was sad about putting the bottles away, but not distraught. I am always a little melancholy when I put the old season's clothes away. (I got the word melancholy from the movie Titanic - like it?) But never have I broken down into a full out, snot-running, cry. I mean, get a hold of yourself. I wasn't even very sad when Slade went to Kinder. Blame it on hormones. Blame it on my 31st birthday in three days. Blame it on the rain? Who knows. I was really, truly sad. My neighbor, bless her heart, pumped me up and helped me to reason out the situation. I'm sure she was sorry she called. Finley really does love her crib and tells me to put her in it most nights. It really is only a space issue. What is a few more months in the scheme of things.

Cry me a river. The crib stayed.

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