Friday, September 19, 2008

We Love Cita!

My mom is here this weekend and can I just tell you how much I love her to come up. She is so much help with my kiddos, she helps me keep Campbell, she walked Slade to and from school. She is just an awesome mom. The most wonderful thing she did for me today was at CVS, she bought me diapers. Ten years ago, I would have thought you were crazy if you would have told me how excited I would get at a pack of Huggies! At $15.99 (on sale and with a $1 off coupon) a pop, that is a chunk of my change. She also bought my lunch and changed a poop diaper. What more can a daughter ask for. It's her birthday on Saturday. She will be 29ish. My birthday is a week later. When she was pregnant with me, she walked and walked and tried to have me on her birthday. Sorry mom, but I still made September. You'll just have to settle with your two grandkids having the same birthday.

On a different note, I volunteered at Slade's school this morning. Thanks to mom again for watching my girls. Ok, so it is really different at Preston Smith. They are some volunteering fools up there. Not like Cooper at all. I'm still trying to get used to the idea, but not sure I would be too crazy about it if I taught there. There is a parent in the room that helps with centers every morning on most days. Yes, she does need the help-23 kinders are alot to handle. But it's just a far cry from what I was used to at my school. I want to tell you that Slade's teacher is just precious. She is a really, really good teacher. I have always said it takes a special person to teach kindergarten, and I know that what I have said is right on. When will people realize how valuable teachers are to society? Not just any Joe can good job with children. When will they pay them what they are worth? It's a selfless job. I love teachers. You'll have a jewel in your crown when you get to heaven. Thank you Ms. Shultz, Mrs. Smithson, and Ms. Vargas-Prada - three of my favorite teachers.

Funny saying of the day, or shall I say "card" of the day. I found this card in the birthday section. It had a picture of Hillary Clinton sitting at the Oval Office with a tag reading, "President of the United States". Open it up and the card reads - "There are some things scarier than turning a year older!"


Jerilynn said...

I miss getting to see all of you family! boo hoo Ü

Hey I replied to your post on my blog. See if that helps, also if it doesn't call me Monday morning and I'll walk you through it. jer

Jerilynn said...

you = your

p.s. where the heck is Brandi's blog.....

Jerilynn said...

chey-anne - try the Izzie grace link on my blog. her backgrounds are even easier to add. You just go to customize and then add a gadget, and click on the HTML/Javascript button. She gives you complete directions. it really is much easier.