Sunday, September 14, 2008

Mood: Inspired

I guess you can call me a sap. I cry over sad movies. I gush over babies. Have you been to a myspace and seen where you can pick your mood? If you went to mine today, it would be inspired. Most days blessed and some days nostalgic. But today it's inspired. I just finished watching The Bucket List. Wow, I highly recommend it if you haven't seen it. It wasn't one of those Academy Award Winners, but it's a feel-good one. I give it a thumbs up. It will give you a rich outlook on life. So yes, my sap blood runs freely today as I sit and think about it. One of my sister's (and mine) favorite sayings is by Abraham Lincoln.

Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take,
But by the moments that take our breath away.

I love that. Everyone is so crazy busy these days. It's not like to old days when people enjoyed conversation and sitting out on their front porch at night. I hope everybody can stop and smell the roses once in awile. Be appreciative of the little things - a beautiful sunset, the smell of fresh flowers, Finley's little giggle as she runs through the room with only a diaper. I try to make a point every day to look at my kids and remember that moment-they'll be grown and gone before I can even imagine. I bet my mom remembers "a moment" with me and I'm about to turn 31. The picture I'm posting today is of a "moment" in my mind. My mom, Brandi, Nana, Slade, Finley, and I all walked down to the creek at my parents house. Finley was a baby and Slade was running all around that place as we were telling him to watch for snakes (my mom's favorite saying). Nana was sitting up on top of the bluff of rocks with Slade talking to him. My sister snapped this picture of her. I love it. My grandmother is a most wonderful lady. That was one of my best days.

So I'll leave you with another favorite quote of mine and promise to loose the sappiness tomorrow. Beginnings are scary, ending usually sad. It's what's in the middle that counts the most.
I wish you all really good middle.

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Jerilynn said...

LOVE that picture what a treasure. I can't believe all the rain. Lubbock made the NATIONAL NEWS!!!!!