Sunday, September 28, 2008

Happy Bday to ME!

Ok, before I speak of the birthday festivities, I must tell you this story. I watched Oprah one day last week and Jenny McCarthy was there speaking of her new book, Mother Warriors. I plan to read it-it sounds awesome. But there is a story in there about this mother who got this terrible infection....... I won't tell you the rest. Go to this site and read the story on

Just do it-you will think your life is pretty peachy. You'll be embarrassed that you griped about anything this week. You'll feel truly blessed and thankful.

I had a nice birthday. A few weeks ago, Kyle and I went and picked out a new camera for me(it was on sale that week, so I got it early). I am totally excited and it takes awesome pics from far away. That's what I wanted. I'll post a few pics from my new camera today. You know me and pics-love them!!! My sister gave me a sweet, sweet necklace and bracelet that my friend, Angela, made. It has my kiddos name in little silver blocks. I love it. I watched a movie with a few of my sweet friends on Friday. On Saturday, Kyle gave me the best present ever - a 3 hour nap! My gosh, I'm not a napper, but I needed it and it was WONDERFUL! I cannot forget to mention Slade and how well he did at his soccer game on Saturday. He really hustled and "attacked" the ball. How's that for soccer lingo. He got some really good kicks in and helped assist in some goals. I was very proud of him.

Funny or shall I say embarrassing story of Saturday. After Slade's game we went to Logan's for my birthday lunch. It had been really hot at the game. When we left the house, though, it was cool and I was worried about the mosquitoes eating Finley up at the soccer fields. So I dressed her in a light weight long sleeve outfit. I was hot during the game and she drank, water and Gatorade the whole game. I didn't think much about it because my kids drink like camels. When we got in the car to leave, she sucked down a CapriSun apple juice. We got to Logan's and the hostess walked us to our table. Right before we all sat down at the booth, you guessed it. Finley barfed and it splattered all of the floor. Kyle sat down really fast and I was apologizing profusely to the girl. Then Finley pukes again all in the seat. Kyle was like, "she'll be Ok". I looked at him like he was crazy. I told him that our daughter had puke all over her, the floor and seat were covered in barf, and we just disgusted all the poor people around us. We were LEAVING. So let me formally apologize to all the patrons of Logan's on Saturday!

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Jerilynn said...

Happy Birthday!!!!!!The pictures are awesome. You should do a post about your camera. I know people are always interested in that. The picture of Campbell just made me melt. She is a beautiful baby. Thank you for starting a blog and doing such a great job with it. Your posts are lots of fun to read!
Let me know when you are ready to change your background - I'll help you.