Thursday, September 11, 2008

Clean as a Whistle

Today has been a major cleaning day for me. I started at 7am going through the usual "picking up" before you can actually clean. It's really been interesting the two years I have stayed home. I spend most of my day picking up. Maybe my children are messier than others. Maybe we just have more junk since I have another child. Maybe I am not as organized as some (I won't name names - Brandi, Beth, Melissa, Jennifer). But I do think the number one reason is that I am home to look at all this mess and it drives me crazy!!! When I taught school, I left by 7:15 and usually didn't walk back in until after 5. Plus we are here to get it messy. Finley is the queen of dumping out all her buckets, just for the fun of it. And can I just tell you how much more household "stuff" we use. I mean toliet paper-yes, we use so much more toliet paper. Paper towels, Pledge, paper plates, juice - it's crazy all the stuff I run out of all the time.

Ok, so I do have a point to this ramble. I am pleased to tell you about my Deal of the Day. I don't know if some of you know this, but I love a great deal, and really love coupons. I am a regular CVS goer-ExtraCare bucks!!! Fun stuff to the stay at home mom. Anyways, I ran to CVS to get some Pledge and Tilex Mildew Remover. They were both $4.79. I thought that was awfully steep. I mean some people would have to work an hour just to by two cleaning products. I stood there and thought, I am not paying an almost perfectly good ten dollars for this. So I jumped in my car (in the rain) and ran over to Dollar General. The Tilex was $2.50 and the Pledge $3.75. What a deal!!! I was so pleased - I used the extra three dollars I would have spent and bought salt, and two cans of tuna. Kuddos to me.

Sorry to diss my ever so trusty CVS, but in all honestly, you really have to watch the sales. Not everything is a deal. BTW, I'm posting a sweet pic from the past. They really were once very sweet. Sniff, sniff!

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Tracy said...

Ok, I've started started dabbling the the coupons/CVS/Walgreeens world...It can be a bit addicting!

On the sidebar of my blog, I have a separate "Favorite Things" blog - and I posted a pic of my deals...lame, huh?!