Tuesday, February 9, 2010

What a Year It Was......

The Board. I made a little display for Nana's shindig especially for the guests' reading pleasure. And because I like organizing projects. And being the boss. And bulletin board trim. And using a paper cutter. And glue. Because I'm crafty like that. And I like to read online encyclopedias. And I love to look at Wikipedia for information. Because I'm a nerd like that. That's how I roll. (In the words my special friend, Tracy Glover) Tracy likes to say, "that's how I roll"-it just works for her. Anywho, this is the nifty board.

I tried to include lots of interesting info.

Of course, the food was important. And Slade wanted to tear the Twinkies off more than once. They ate Twinkies as I decorated. I can honestly say that is the first time I've ever bought my kids Twinkies.

Betty Boop appeared in 1930.

And who knew that Clint Eastwood is turning eighty this year? Or that Gene Hackman was born the day before Nana? I can't imagine a world without Hoosiers?!? I always tear up at the end of that movie when they show the photo in the gym of the Indiana State Champs, sniff sniff.

We are very lucky 3M decided to develop Scotch Tape. If I had a nickel for every piece of Scotch Tape I've used in my life..........

Where would we be without Del Monte tomato sauce? Thank you Mr. Del and Mr. Monte for doing this. Amen.

And who knew the billions upon billions of dollars a little mouse in a pair of red shorts would produce. Mickey, you changed the world. And thanks to you, my son looked very cute on his first Halloween in your costume.

And Pluto was discovered. Bread was 9 cents. And Stalin was the Russian leader. But best of all, a tiny baby girl was born in a little house on the last day in January of that year. And she has made every one's life that she has touched in her 80 years a better place. I know mine is.
P.S. Finley called and she wants her Mickey Mouse back.......


Jillian said...

What a neat idea! My daughter's b-day is on Valentine's Day. She's only 12, but it would still be a neat idea to make a board like this with different info about the year 1998 and Valentine's Day. Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Actually now that I have time I have been looking in depth at the board and have been wanting to eat the Snicker bars off it but Nana says NO!!! She has it on her fireplace hearth and it is a great conversation piece for everyone that comes to the house. Great Idea you had!! Mom