Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Slade's 7th Birthday

Again, when did I have a seven year old? I still cannot believe he's 7! Man alive-that's old-in kid years! We had a swim party in January-how cool is that! Thank you, Bodyworks, for building a covered pool so that it could be possible for parents who don't plan well and have children in January to have a swim party for their child. And we won't even bring up that his birthday is also only three weeks from Christmas. Birthday presents, Christmas presents all in less than a month span. Word to the Wise-don't procreate in April..........

January baby or not, I wouldn't trade him for the world! He had fun at the party, and we had a handful of kiddos show up to help celebrate the big day.

Opening his gifts. He got Bionicles, movies, board games, planes, trains, automobiles-oh, wait, isn't that at movie? No trains or automobiles-that will be in like nine years when he will think he needs a pick-up truck when he gets his license. I am blocking that out of my realm of thought at this moment. He also got, well, I don't remember because it all runs together with what he got for Christmas. Kyle and I got him a Wii and he loves it. Nana chipped in with the Wii. Brandi gave money towards the Wii and gave him Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs-love that movie. Cita got him a handful of great toys that he had picked out at ToysRUs. He was a lucky boy.

Cake. Never knew one could get sick of birthday cake. By the end of January, and three birthday parties later, I am SICK of cake. Good.

The cake was delicious, though. This was taken before I was sick of cake and ate my weights worth that weekend.

Finley(water logged), Kyle, and Campbell. Now that Slade and Campbell have the same bday, we have to strategically plan their parties so not to overlap.

Cute kid.

I was super cold outside and super humid inside. Felt like summer.

Don't these two look good. Love these two women.

And they eat pizza. And Coke. And cake.

We kept with the "swimming in winter" theme. Remember his invitation pic in the snow? The cake was really cute. And Slade requested "sand" on his cake.

This cracked me up. Poor Finley-none of her little girl friends got to come so she had to play with the boys. She kept gravitating towards brother. Aaawwwww.

Slade's 7th Birthday. And that's a Wrap!


Jerilynn said...

Great party and I am so envious of the steamy hot muggy environment as I sit here in another cold snowy winter storm!

Funky Finds said...

How fun! Can't wait to have a kiddo of my own to do fun things like that with!!!

Tracy said...

We hate that we missed it!! We love Slade Smart!!