Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I woke up this morning to several inches of snow. Again. I love the beauty of white everywhere. The peacefulness and sparkle of fresh fallen snow. Especially when I get to stay indoors. But man, it's hard for Kyle to make a living with it snowing every. single. week.

Dear Snow,
I have enjoyed you immensely this year. You made us really have a "White Christmas" for the first time in a long time. It was fun and I got great photos for my scrapbook and blog. You are very beautiful. I got to make stew and chili and all those winter foods that make your pants too tight. You cover all the imperfections of the earth and make everything look serene and lovely. I was able to wear all my favorite scarves and gloves this year. And I do love my scarves. I'm a scarf girl. I got to make hot chocolate for the kids and cook late breakfast on the days you arrived. You made it feel very wintry this year and I do appreciate that. You are loved. But I'm beginning to think you might be overextending your stay. You are like a relative that has worn out it's welcome. Fun in the beginning, but now you are just getting on people's nerves. Are you ready to pay South Plains Electric or Wells Fargo? Just wondering since you are making it very very difficult to mow lawns, trim hedges, and dig in the ground for irrigation systems. If my husband worked in a bank or office building, then I would have no problem with you. But he doesn't. You also made my windshield crack. It started out as a small little nick in the windshield and has now spread into a foot long crack. Shame on you. You also have made our Chihuahua's life miserable, not to mention mine. I really don't enjoy bringing the dog indoors every night because it's snowing or freezing. It's hard for a five pound dog to do it's business in the snow without loosing it's extremities due to the elements. I'm super happy we got a dog in the "Year of the Snow" in Lubbock. Did the Chinese Almanac predict this year to be just that or did I miss it??? You are wreaking havoc on school hours, businesses, sidewalks, tires, and making so many potholes in the asphalt. Poor Texas Department of Transportation. They won't get all the holes filled till July at this rate and then the state will just raise our taxes to help pay for it. I'm just saying it's time to lighten up. Spring is just around the corner and we really don't want to find our Easter eggs in the snow this year. The pansies have seen better days. Tulips should now get their time to shine in a month or two. Please pack you bags and continue your travels northward. And take your cousins, Ice and Sleet with you. We don't need you anymore till say, December. You can even come in November if you wish.

(Please see the above photo) Thanks for everything, Snow. We have some great memories. I will never forget you.
All Snowed Out in Lubbock

PS If you wait till November to reappear, I will even buy a new scarf...

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Tracy said...

LOVED this! My thoughts exactly! So.over.the.snow!