Thursday, February 11, 2010


I'm so sorry, Brandi, but I have to do it. It's just too good not to document. Love you.

So Brandi goes to the bank to withdraw some cash last week. She was posting bail. Just kidding.

Brandi, "I need to take out such and such amount in cash."

Teller - "How would you like that?"

Brandi - "Give me two 500 dollar bills and the rest in hundreds."

Teller - "Well, we don't have a 500 dollar bill."

Brandi(embarrassed) - "Oh. Ok. Can I have a thousand dollar bill?"

Teller(smiling) - "We don't have those either."

Brandi(really embarrassed) - "There really aren't thousand dollar bills?"

Teller - "Well, I've been banking since 1983 and they've been out of print since then."

Brandi(curious) - "So if someone comes in and wants $10,000 in cash, you have to give it to them in hundreds." (I'm picturing a brief case full of money, bundled together with white wrappers)

Teller - "Yep."

Brandi - "I'm really embarrassed. Thank you for being so nice about it."

Teller - smiles

Brandi - walks out of the bank, but wishes she could sprint.

At this point, I'm pretty sure the whole teller area broke into hysterical laughter.

High School cap and graduation gown - $30

SAT prep courses, study guide, test fee - $400

Cost of college education and nursing school - $50,000

Finding out that our monetary system does not include the $500 or $1000 bill - PRICELESS!

Disclaimer: This blog is not intended to embarrass the main character. Please note that the main character is a college educated individual with a fabulous high paying job. She has won numerous awards and trips due to her dedication. This individual is also the person I go to for all my technology problems including printer issues, computer issues. ipod problems, and when we cannot find the correct button on the television to make the picture some back on. She is quite smart and resourceful. And she would tear someone up if they mess with me. Or her family. Or her friends. I really respect the main character of today's blog. And I'm sure I will pay for today's blog. Perhaps in $500's :)

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Anonymous said...

Is your sister still speaking to you today?
And just so you will know the college education is more than 50,000--when you add all things in--sorry to depress you! Mom