Tuesday, February 16, 2010

To Curl or Not to Curl?

A good portion of my childhood recollection involves spongy pink rollers. I spent many a night sleeping in rollers. How did I actually sleep in those you ask? I was tough as nails? A heavy sleeper? It was done all in the name of beauty? Perhaps all three. You see, I was blessed with straight hair. Really straight hair. My hair doesn't hold a curling iron curl to this day unless my hair stylist performs an Indian rain dance and sticks pins in a voodoo doll's head. And whether or not those curls stay in is still questionable. You should have seen the lengths I went to at prom. I don't blow dry when I get out of the shower at night. I go to bed with wet hair and wake up and it's straight. So maybe my mother wanted a Shirley Temple daughter or she really liked Annie. Or maybe that's just something you do with little girls like black patent leather shoes or gingham dresses or dance lessons. Whatever the reason, I did my time with the spongy rollers. And now it is time I pass the torch. My daughter was blessed with my straight hair genes. Finley-meet Miss Sponge Roller. Now they come in a lovely shade of baby blue.

She was really up for the challenge. She loves hair bows, lip gloss, fingernail polish, shoes, jewelry, makeup. So she was super into the roller thing.

She is major excited at this point. Can hardly wait to see what will happen. Really early on in the process at this point.

I think they were strategically placed in just the right spots.

And kazaam-CURLS! Super cute curls all over.

Those spongy rollers still do the trick after all these years.

At this point, she is thinking that it's really not floating her boat.

She is wondering who the girl with the fro is. What happened to me? And why do I have straight bangs in the front and curls in the back like a crazed New Kids on the Block fan? Didn't that style go out with Aqua Net?

And as Kyle says, "She snapped." It all went downhill. She does NOT like the curls at all. They are very strange and foreign.

So the boys tickled her till she laughed to try to take away the pain. The pain of beauty gone wrong in her eyes.

So, Finley, welcome to the world of hair products. Curling irons, perms, hot rollers. Been there done that. They will work-they will make you curly with much time and blood and sweat and sometimes tears. Or you could just be happy with straight hair. I kinda like my straight locks. I can jump into bed with a wet head and still wake up straight with no extra effort. And that's the card you drew, too, Miss Finley. I love your hair straight in piggies or if you want to try to curl it again someday in the distant future, I will love it that way, too. But for now, this whole experiment taught us one thing.......
It's all fun and games till someone gets curled.


The Stanford Family said...

You make me LAUGH!!!! Great post!

Amy Holifield said...

we just tried the sponge rollers, too! D'Laney has curly hair on the back of her head, but on top it's straight as a board, so I thought the curlers would even things out. She pulled them out before they had much chance to work their magic.

Anonymous said...

Well I thought the curls were really cute on her and on you when you were little. But what do I know since I'm just MOM!! And just so you know I didn't want a Shirley Temple girl--that was a little before my time.I just like curls as we all have hair that is straight as a porcupine!!Loved the post! MOM

Tracy said...

She looked like Macy there for a minute b4 I grew out Macy's bangs...:-)

Jerilynn said...

loved this post by the way...Cambry turned 4 in Jan. and Cutter was born in Sept.....why do you ask?????

Gunny and Girls said...

You are so funny! I love it...and I don't know how I made it through rollers either...