Monday, February 1, 2010

Party Favors

Stole this idea off of another blog. They are glass bottles filled with candy! The girl that posted these on her blog did them for Christmas and put red and green M&M's in hers.

I bought two 6-packs of cherry limeaid in a bottle and the kids drank those. I rinsed the bottles and we saved the tops-they just twisted back on. I was going to put M&M's in them, but Holy Moses, it took LOTS and I repeat LOTS of M&M's. I chose gumballs instead, and I think they looked great! They were cheaper and took up more space. The chocolate would be better if you were only making a few.

Brandi printed the labels for me (as I am not such a good label maker nor do I have a very good printer. Actually my printer is probably fine, it's more accurate for me to say that I'm the problem).

And they fit nicely back into their original carrying case so I could easily take them to the party! The girl that I stole the idea from decorated her case with scrapbook paper and it looked cute. The bottles were a big hit and the dentist will be even happier when he cashes in on filling all the cavities from eating sugary gum!


Beth said...

Those are the cutest stinkin' things EVER!!!! I have filed it away in my Book-o-All-Things-Birthday for Logan!

Jerilynn said...